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Massive LEGO spaceship is over 5 feet long

Canadian LEGO builder Jean-Philippe Leroux has built a massive LEGO spaceship with a suitably impressive name! The Empress took over 24,000 parts to build and weighs over 43 pounds. If you like sci-fi bits and bobs, The Empress has it in spades; so let’s look at the engines back to front. For sports fans its got minifig skis and snowboards. For the handy-folk there’s saws. After the robot arms, there’s stud shooters and the old 1×8 bar. Finally, towards the front, there are robot binoculars and zipline handles. And that’s just the engines!

The Empress

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Planes, trains, and LEGO builds

If you love Italy and/or railway architecture, look no further than this lovely LEGO creation by Jean-Philippe Leroux! Leroux has captured the elegance of the Italian railway bridge, the Viaduct of San Bartolomeo, built in the late 1960s. Leroux has used stacked 2×2 jumper tiles to add the layered texture to all of the pillars, and notice how all the slopes at the base of the pillars are actually 2×3 slopes on their sides? That’s what allows Leroux to “embed” the arches in between the wider supports. Great work on that micro-scale plane too! I can’t imagine he’s used more than ten parts to build it! I’m also excited to see the multiple colors on the outside of the diorama representing the different geological layers; I’d say it really grounds the build!

Ponte di SAn Bartolomeo

If you need me I’ll be in the garage

Say what you will, but fall is the best seasons for road trips. And since every trip starts from the garage door, Canadian LEGO fan and builder Jean-Philippe Leroux opens for us the doors of his newest build. Apart from perfect autumn mood of the corner, the build allured me with just perfect amount of weathering: a sheet of old newspaper in the window, dry grass, and some old rubbish by the windows. What a beauty!

The garage

But it becomes really cozy when you look inside the garage! With the wall swung open, the garage reveals “perfectly cluttered” interior full of neatest elements. What official sets does it remind you about?

The garage