If you need me I’ll be in the garage

Say what you will, but fall is the best seasons for road trips. And since every trip starts from the garage door, Canadian LEGO fan and builder Jean-Philippe Leroux opens for us the doors of his newest build. Apart from perfect autumn mood of the corner, the build allured me with just perfect amount of weathering: a sheet of old newspaper in the window, dry grass, and some old rubbish by the windows. What a beauty!

The garage

But it becomes really cozy when you look inside the garage! With the wall swung open, the garage reveals “perfectly cluttered” interior full of neatest elements. What official sets does it remind you about?

The garage

2 comments on “If you need me I’ll be in the garage

  1. Michael Wolf

    Fantastic color symmetry and modelling. As a side note my dad had a yellow cupboard with green doors in his shop to lock up his solvents when I was a little kid.

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