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“It’s the Orange Blossom Special Bringin’ my baby back”

We can’t let a weekend slip by without something for our valued Train-heads, the progenitors of our shared hobby. To that end, Poland’s Maciej Drwięga would like to share his latest effort with you the very orange “PKP WM15A heavy rail truck“, a staple of the Polish rail system. Not only is the design pleasing to the eye, it has some nice play features as well like moving crane and a tilting bed. The builder credits Mrzumbi’s 2006 version for inspiring this build.



Ceiling Unlimited

Fly the friendly skies of Poland with mrutek, as he adds two more birds to his burgeoning Polish Air Force squadron.

The Lublin RXIV was a close reconnaissance plane or samolot towarzyszący produced from 1932-1938. Many variants were produced, including combat models.

Lublin RXIV_4

According to the builder, the PZL-104 Wilga (Golden Oriole) is a Polish STOL Civil Aviation utility aircraft. The Wilga design evolved significantly during its continuous production run from 1962 to 2006.

PZL-104 Wilga 2