A truly organic LEGO creation built organically

LEGO phenom Jarek Książczyk tells us that this decidedly organic LEGO creation sort of grew…organically. It was a finished product at one time and then it wasn’t. He later added more to it and the end result (we think, anyway) is a thing of beauty and dread all rolled into one. Furthermore, he says that, not unlike a growing organism, kept absorbing older creations into itself. We have a heart in a hand, a wall of faces, and what appears to be a suspended figure. I can’t even begin to decipher what this all means but sometimes good art is up for interpretation. Let us know in the comments what you think it means. In the meantime, check out the other times Jarek Książczyk has tickled our fancy.


Stunning LEGO mosaic is over 5 feet tall!

Jiwoo Seon is back with an astounding piece of LEGO artwork. Jiwoo has expanded on a previously developed technique to create this beautifully vibrant flowery dress. The star piece of this work is the 1×6 curved arch in a wide variety of colors that makes up the majority of the dress, but if you take the time to look closely you will see a huge variety of unique parts used to add texture and interest. You will see a lot of these parts in the highly detailed dripping ink effect below the dress!

Dress : Blooming Hidden Blossoms

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Who wouldn’t take an apple from this sweet old woman?

The Evil Queen’s witchy disguise in Disney’s Snow White is a frightening sight, but as captured by LEGO Master Dicken Liu, she’s downright adorable. The witch’s scale lets cloth elements seamlessly drape around her hunched form, and the brick-built elements emphasize curves and canted angles that turn LEGO rigidity into a cartoon come to life. Dicken includes some sly Disney nods in that characterful face. The beady eyes are sourced from Moana’s rooster companion Hei-Hei in the Disney Duos set, and the nose appears to be an unpainted prototype of Alice’s hairpiece.  Once again, Dicken impresses with his innovative techniques and knack for character. Why not take the witch’s apple, let your dreams come true, and revisit some of our favorite Dicken Liumodels?

Evil Queen-01

This LEGO Penguin is dastardly, dapper, and delightful

Among Batman’s rogues’ gallery, few villains (or at least few bird-themed ones) are as iconic as the Penguin. Now he finally gets his due in larger-than-life LEGO form by Pasq67. This scaled-up figure recaptures both the proportions of a regular-sized minifig (including Oswald Cobblepot’s shorter legs) and the details. In true Penguin form, he’s dressed to impress and intimidate. His monocle is a bicycle tire, his fur collar (or feathers, depending on the depiction) is accented by leaf elements, and his iconic umbrella is lovingly recreated with sloped bricks and tubes. After all, when you’re headed out to wreak some havoc on Gotham City, only the finest fashion accessories will do.

LEGO - The Penguin in large size version

Arresting LEGO Medusa will rock your world

Medusa, she of the snake hair and stony gaze, remains one of the most captivating figures from Greek mythology. She even made an appearance back in Series 10 of the Collectible Minifigures line. Builder Kooky Bricks honors the hip and tragic monster with a diorama worthy of an Olympian. Here we see Medusa facing off with a would-be slayer in the ruined temple of Athena. At this larger scale, made from 14,619 parts,  Kooky Brick is able to pack in incredible detail in both the figures and the setting. Medusa’s scaly body is achieved by overlapping rows of plate teeth, a great effect that feels both organic and a very solid snake form. As impressive as the figures are, it’s the temple itself that leaves us spellbound.

Medusa's Lair

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Looking great at the LEGO gate

For years now, one of my favorite historical LEGO builders has been Evan Crouch, known for turning out beautiful buildings and landscapes from medieval and colonial times. This gatehouse, intended for a DENLUG collab at Brickworld Chicago this coming weekend, is yet another stellar entry into his catalog of work. I adore the construction of that pine tree, leveraging the flexible nature of the 6×5 leaf pieces. And the texturing on the tower’s walls is top notch, as always. I hope I get to see some pics of the whole DENLUG layout from the convention in the near future.

Castle Collab Gatehouse

Thriving LEGO plants and no water needed

LEGO builder Loïc Gilbert has created “Solarium,” where the plants take center stage in this creation. Hues of pink, purple, yellow, and bright green tell of a healthy greenhouse. Adding to the unique features of all this foliage, we see swords, hats, and even a hairpiece put to good use. Another highlight is the floor, which features a patterned carpet crafted from LEGO “cheese slopes”, adding further intricacy to the overall design. These plants would fit perfectly alongside LEGO Icons Botanical Collection 10329 Tiny Plants for sure!


It takes a lot of NERV to build LEGO mechs from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Nearly 30 years after its debut, Gainax’s groundbreaking anime Neon Genesis Evangelion continues to captivate an international audience with its radical take on the mech genre. Whereas most mecha convey the bulk of heavy army, the Evangelion units are sinewy bio-machines suggesting a fusion of man and demon. LEGO builder Marco de Bon is no stranger to mechs (as you can see in our archive), and last year he created perfect poseable models of EVA Units 00, 01, and 02. For his latest diorama series, Marco shows a talent for microscale cityscapes to match his mech building prowess. Prototype Unit-00 towers over a district dominated by sandy hues and disc shooter windows. The elevated brick-built highway is particularly effective.

Lego Evangelion Diorama pt.2

Shinji’a iconic Unit-01 straddles a gorgeous mix of mini high-rises. Landing gear axles make for perfect rooftop satellite arrays, while shooters  above the highway capture the sci-fi aesthetic of Tokyo-3.

Lego Evangelion Diorama

If Marco’s diorama’s have you humming Cruel Angel Thesis and craving more EVAs and Angels, synchronize with our Evangelion archives.

Will this victory ring Hollow?

If there is a Silksong-shaped hole in your heart, you might be able to fill it with this LEGO model by Dylan Mievis! Dylan has done a great job depicting the secret final boss of Hollow Knight – the Radiance – in all its awe-full glory. The main body of this “being of light” is made from two types of feathered wings, and its weird tentacle arms are mostly borrowed from the Piraka (a dangerous group to steal from!) Spare a thought for the adorable little Knight, made out of very few parts. Even armed with the Dream Nail, its gonna be an uphill battle!

The Radiance

The Jade Chamber of Genshin Impact descends like a ton of LEGO bricks

Genshin Impact is one of the biggest successes in modern video games with an enormous international fanbase. The Chinese-inspired region of Liyue and the heavenly Jade Chamber are especially popular for their striking architecture and cultural representation. LEGO builder Hugo Huang brings to life the massive Jade Chamber at micro scale, capturing the climactic moment when the palace drops from the heavens to save the city from the god-monster Osial. Hugo adeptly captures the palace’s curves and complex angles in profile, as well as the detailed joinery and gold ornamentation in close up. The blue heads of Osial, the roiling sea, and nanofigures elevate the scene and help sell the scale. Ningguang would be proud! This is the second rendition of the Jade Chamber to be featured here, but the iconic palace also fits nicely in the grand tradition of castles built atop floating rocks.


With this red lobster, you’re on the menu

The xenomorph queen from the Alien franchise has always been one of sci-fi’s most terrifying monsters, but now it might also be one of the tastiest. Joey Klusnick‘s LEGO “Xenolobster Queen” takes everything you love and fear about the titular alien and adds a dash of lemon and garnish. It also makes excellent use of bright red Bionicle parts for the creature’s otherworldly shell. The xenomorph-lobster is a feast for the eyes, but we wouldn’t recommend inviting it to any all-you-can-eat buffets. It might get the wrong idea.

Xenolobster Queen

Note the charisma of the LEGO Chasmosaurus

Blending a mix of System and Technic LEGO elements, this lizard of the Cretaceous Period by VelociJACKtor makes for a striking silhouette clad all in black. When working in a single color, shaping is everything, and JACK applies their palette of pieces perfectly to recreate the massive frill of this ancient beast. The rest of the dino is fleshed out with a combination of slopes and wedge plates, posed thanks to plenty of hinge parts of all varieties. The only pop of color is a bed of white and pink flowers at its feet, only adding to the visage of this shadowy ‘saur.

Three-Horned Bloom