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The flatulent green gasser

Leave it to LEGO automotive superstar Tim Inman to build a car with a mullet and a flatulence problem. It’s a 1963 Chevy II Fastback Gasser. With its heightened stance and crazy pipes, it’s not the kind of thing you can buy at your local Chevy dealership, not even in 1963. No siree, this beast is custom! Gassers were a thing in the 50s through the 70s and, while I was a product of the early 70s, I wish I had been born just a bit sooner to really enjoy this gasser phenomenon. I totally would have loved seeing these rip down the dragstrip! This is probably the best thing I’ve seen all day and I’ve Googled “potatoes and jelly”.

1963 Chevy II Fastback Gasser

All hail the shiny slammed pickup

Here at The Brothers Brick, we’re a lot like raccoons in the sense that we love shiny things. (And also eat from garbage cans on occasion.) That’s why when 1saac W. built this sweet slammed LEGO Chevy pickup with shiny chrome rims and engine we were all foaming at the mouth for reasons definitely not having to do with rabies. At least I was anyway. The rest of TBB staff looked pretty normal, come to think of it. Throw in a rare color and that has rendered this particular writer and custom car nerd extra-foamy, kinda like an ill-poured beer. I declare this LEGO creation the best in the history of the world ever for all eternity or until a few hours from now when we see something else that strikes our fancy, whichever comes first. If you like vehicles as much as I do, then click the blue link to see what 1saac and other builders have come up with.

Chevrolet pickup