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LEGO reveals two Chinese Festival sets for 2021 Lunar New Year [News]

LEGO has just revealed the 2021 Chinese New Year Festival sets. For several years LEGO has created sets celebrating the Chinese Festivals, and this year the two sets will be 80108 Lunar New Year Traditions and 80109 Lunar New Year Ice Festival. The sets were revealed at the China International Import Expo, which begins today, Jay’s Brick Blog reports. There’s no word yet on the pricing for these sets, but they’ll be available starting Dec. 25 in China and the Asian/Pacific region, while the launch will follow a few days later on Jan. 1 for the rest of the world. LEGO also revealed one new Monkie Kid set as well.

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LEGO reveals 3 new Monkie Kid sets for summer 2021 [News]

Three new Monkie Kid sets, which will be released on July 1, are listed on LEGO.com. From the smallest to the biggest, the sets are Sandy’s Power Loader Mech (80025), Pigsy’s Noodle Tank (80026), and The Bone Demon (80028), a terrifyingly huge undead creature that glows in the dark and tips the scales at 1,375 pieces.

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LEGO Monkie Kid 80023 Monkie Kid’s Team Dronecopter [Review]

The Monkie Kid theme has another wave of sets that, like the previous wave, are full of colorful vehicles and cartoonish accessories like jet-packs with huge engines. And this time, there’s a brand new batch of baddies, based on cyber-spiders. One of the biggest sets in this wave has a little bit of everything, from fold-out playsets for both sides, mecha-spiders, a massive quad-copter for Sandy, and a jet-powered cat carrier for Mo the cat. We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s jump right in. 80023 Monkie Kid’s Team Dronecopter comes with 1462 pieces and is available now for US $149.99 | CAN $199.99 | UK £119.99

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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7 new LEGO Monkie Kid sets revealed for Spring 2021 [News]

LEGO’s new Monkie Kid theme debuted last year and seems to be going full steam ahead. The initial Spring 2020 wave included 8 sets, while last Fall we got another 4. Now thanks to Chinese retailer Momo, we’re getting a first look at 7 brand new sets releasing March 1. The sets range in size from the 203-piece Monkie Kid’s Cloud Bike, all the way up to The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain, a massive 1,949-piece fortress. There’s no word on the exact prices for the sets yet–although the Chinese retailer has local prices listed, they don’t bear much reflection on what prices we can expect elsewhere.

Be sure to check out these other upcoming LEGO sets, too:

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LEGO reveals new Chinese New Year, Monkie Kid and DUPLO sets inspired by the Chinese culture [News]

Four new sets were announced today by LEGO at the 3rd China International Import Exhibition. Two of the new sets belong to the Chinese New Year theme, another one is the new Monkie Kid product, while the last one is a DUPLO set. According to the press release, all the new products were inspired by and celebrate classic Chinese culture and legends. Prices, piece count, and availability are yet to be announced.

80107 Spring Lantern Festival

80107 Spring Lantern Festival recreates the magical atmosphere of the festival which marks the end of the lunar new year celebrations. It features a brick-built Chinese garden with moon gates, pavilion, pond and bridge, a special ox lantern illuminated by a LEGO light brick as well as other must-have items during the festival like a rabbit lantern and a Tang Yuan rice ball.

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Art imitates marketing with this stellar Monkie Kid logo

I am a HUGE fan of the new Monkie Kid LEGO theme, with its bright colors and a marvelous mix of traditional and sci-fi elements. It looks like I’m not the only fan, based on this free-standing Monkie Kid logo by Noel Mallet which perfectly re-creates the vertical logo on the side of the packaging, and includes both a large version of the Monkey King’s staff and a place for the Monkie Kid Minifig… all built onto a black and red base. Check out our Monkie Kid archives for more.

Lego Monkie Kid Logo Self-standing

Your guide to the 113 new LEGO sets now available for August 2020 including the Nintendo NES, Grand Piano, Star Wars and more [News]

August has arrived and that means new LEGO sets! LEGO has launched 108 new sets and items available today. In addition to new sets like the Nintendo NES and Super Mario lineup, Ideas Grand Piano, Star Wars 501st Battle Pack and LEGO Art, fans in the US and Canada can finally celebrate the summer arrival of Harry Potter, Creator 3-in-1, City, and Ninjago waves that you’ve waited so patiently for. Nearly every LEGO theme has some new sets–it can be a lot to process!– so we have your complete guide right here detailing each and every new set and item. [EDIT: It appears that LEGO may have delayed the US & Canada release of some of these sets until September. We’ve asked for clarification.]

LEGO is also offering two free gifts-with-purchases at the start of August. The first is 30385 Super Mushroom Surprise, free with purchases of LEGO Super Mario sets more than US $40 through August 16th or while supplies last.

The second freebie is LEGO is also 40414 Monty Mole & Super Mushroom Expansion with in-store purchases of the 71360 Adventures with Mario Starter Course through August 9th or while supplies last.

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Four new LEGO Monkie Kid sets revealed including Monkey King BrickHeadz [News]

LEGO has revealed four new additions to the Monkie Kid lineup, including a new BrickHeadz version of the Monkey King himself. The three other new sets depict new vehicles and villains from the LEGO Monkie Kid universe including a roadster and speedboat. The BrickHeadz Monkey King will be available starting August 1st and the other three sets will follow on September 1st.

It was only two months ago that LEGO revealed the initial wave of eight Monkie Kid sets. The sets are inspired by a new animated TV show based on the Monkey King legend from the Chinese novel Journey to the West.

Take a closer look at all four of the new LEGO Monkey King sets.

A King who’s not Kidding

LEGO recently introduced the Monkey Kid theme, bringing the legend of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, to a wider audience. Builder Red has created a truly regal version of Sun Wukong that’s full of character and clever building. The gold accents in the crown are nice, and the cloth pants and dark blue armor are snazzy. But the real star of the show is those toes. How cute are they? Okay, maybe the really impressive thing is that cocky expression. A tilted bit of shoulder armor adds just the right touch of grumpiness to complement those deep-set eyes.

Sun Wukong, the Monkey King

If you’re curious as to how this creation came about, Red has an Instragram post that goes into the details of the build process. And when you’re done there, you can check out the other builds of theirs that we’ve featured in the past.

Your guide to the 130 new LEGO sets now available for June 2020 including the Technic Lamborghini and more [News]

Summer 2020 has arrived, and LEGO has launched 130 new sets and items available today. Fans of Technic, Creator 3-in-1, City, Friends, Architecture, Hidden Side and more have a lot to choose from. The new Technic Lamborghini is also available today as well as a slew of exclusive polybags not previously available from LEGO’s online store and a Hogwarts Students booster pack. Nearly every LEGO theme has some new sets–it can be a lot to process!– so we have your complete guide right here detailing each and every new set and item.

Because LEGO releases summer waves at different times across the globe, the majority of these sets are available now in the UK. You can see the complete list of all 130 sets and items after the jump. Sets with a Red Indicator are currently available in the US and Canada as well (61 in total). The Americas will get access to the rest of the sets later this summer.

LEGO is also offering a free gift-with-purchase of 40409 Hot Rod with purchases more than US $85 | CAN $85 | UK £85 through June 21st or while supplies last. You can check out our review of 40409 Hot Rod to see if you want to add it to your collection.

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LEGO Monkie Kid sets now available for purchase [News]

LEGO has officially revealed the brand new theme, Monkie Kid, based on the Monkey King legend from the Chinese novel Journey to the West. The new theme includes eight sets that are now available for purchase from LEGO.

The sets range in price from US $34.99 to $169.99 and include a ship-based team headquarters, two large Monkey King and Demon Bull mechs, and a variety of vehicles.

Get a closer look at the sets, prices and piece counts of LEGO Monkie Kid

Behind the scenes of LEGO Monkie Kid [News]

Earlier today, LEGO revealed Monkie Kid, a brand new theme based on the Chinese Monkey King fable. The new theme includes eight sets and an animated television series. Along with all the information about the new sets, LEGO also sent us a gallery of photos showing a behind-the-scenes look at the development process of the new product line.

Familiar faces include LEGO designers Justin Ramsden (Hogwarts Castle, The Upside Down), Nick Vas (Ninjago City), Chris Perron (1989 Batmobile), Simon Lucas (Ninjago Movie), and more.

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