New LEGO Technic product pictures: 42120 Rescue Hovercraft and 42121 Heavy Duty Excavator [News]

Product pictures of two more LEGO Technic sets, 42120 Rescue Hovercraft and 42121 Heavy Duty Excavator, appeared on JB Spielwaren‘s website. These two will be available in March, retailing for 29,99 EUR and 39,99 EUR respectively. Other regional prices are yet to be confirmed.

42120 Rescue Hovercraft | 457 pieces | 29,99 EUR

42121 Heavy Duty Excavator | 569 pieces | 39,99 EUR

4 comments on “New LEGO Technic product pictures: 42120 Rescue Hovercraft and 42121 Heavy Duty Excavator [News]

  1. Håkan

    I see that the parts in 42120 are stickered, but still designed to synch up with the B model. That’s interesting.

  2. LLSN

    ⊥ᵒᵚ Cᵸᵎᶺᵋᶫ∸ᵒᵘ:

    The states of the bucket itself is binary, e.g. fully-open/fully-closed (flicked by hand), whereas the other two joints also includes everything between these two states.

    I believe this to have been a very specific design choice, in relation to the playability of the model, which now allows for a quick release of the payload, instead of a slower and thus more anti-climatic approach, through the usage of a third actuator.

    Although I do agree from a purely technical point of view, that the feature would have been more impressive, had it been remote controlled. But alas, I’m also not an 8-year old child who’s going to actively play with it.

    The final cost, is of course also of relevance, however, without a greater knowledge regarding the plans for the model, it’s impossible to say to which degree this factored in the decision.

  3. Jimmy

    The bucket and the next nearest “elbow” pivot are both linked, such that moving the upper linear actuator both rotates the end of the arm and simultaneously moves the bucket. The inset pic on the back of the box that shows the movement seems to indicate this, and aftern working out the connections I can see how it works.

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