7 new LEGO Monkie Kid sets revealed for Spring 2021 [News]

LEGO’s new Monkie Kid theme debuted last year and seems to be going full steam ahead. The initial Spring 2020 wave included 8 sets, while last Fall we got another 4. Now thanks to Chinese retailer Momo, we’re getting a first look at 7 brand new sets releasing March 1. The sets range in size from the 203-piece Monkie Kid’s Cloud Bike, all the way up to The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain, a massive 1,949-piece fortress. There’s no word on the exact prices for the sets yet–although the Chinese retailer has local prices listed, they don’t bear much reflection on what prices we can expect elsewhere.

Be sure to check out these other upcoming LEGO sets, too:

80018 Monkie Kid’s Cloud Bike | 203 pieces

80019 Red Son’s Inferno Jet | 299 pieces

80020 White Dragon Horse Jet | 565 pieces

80021 Monkie Kid’s Lion Guardian | 774 pieces

80022 Spider Queen’s Arachnoid Base | 1,170 pieces

80023 Monkie Kid’s Team Dronecopter | 1,462 pieces

80024 The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain | 1,949 pieces

4 comments on “7 new LEGO Monkie Kid sets revealed for Spring 2021 [News]

  1. Vector

    I really want Flower Fruit Mountain, sadly I always get the feelings Monkie Kid sets are overpriced. The price-to-part ratio usually looks fine on paper, but I just don’t feel I’m getting enough bang for my buck.

  2. Grammaticul

    alleged prices (unclear on validity):
    Mountain – $170
    Lion – $80
    Horse Jet – $50
    Inferno Jet – $35
    Cloud Bike – $25

  3. winstonheard

    Man, these always look like so much fun. I’ve never pulled the trigger on getting a set, but these look phenomenal. That horse jet is hitting me right in the Buy It section of my brains.

  4. Orinjbloon

    It’s a beautiful set, the designer/s did a great job. But sets are getting crazy expensive. There’s no way I can afford anything above £70. and that’s pushing it. Times are tough, Lego needs to scale back on these big ticket sets. just schedule differently, more small sets you can combine, sets kids can afford, sets adults with budgets can afford. It doesn’t all have to go in one set and become some taunting thing that people can never own. The world is a different place than two years ago. Lego would be wise to adapt.

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