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A lazy Saturday morning with chiukeung’s LEGO NES

CK Tsang (chiukeung) continues his fantastic series of miniaturized retro hardware with a LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System, complete with Light Gun for playing Duck Hunt.

LEGO NES - Who play it when you were young? :D

You’ve got to have the chops to handle this controller.

Flushing New York’s Baron Julius von Brunk has constructed an enormous fully functional NES controller to play his favorite old school cartridge games.


I was on the fence about blogging what amounts to a giant box, but once I saw this photo of the good Baron, I was unable to resist the magnetic power of the mutton chops. The builder also has some interesting LEGO related ink on display for the tattoo afficianados out there. Be sure to check out the other photos in the set to see the internal structure and wiring.



Dave Sterling takes you to the past of video-gaming with the brick-built replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System. If you don’t look closely, you might think Dave was actually playing on a real NES!

It’s-a me, Mario!

Brickshelfer siasm presents our favorite Italian plumber, Mario:

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