LEGO Marvel sets for January 2023 revealed with new Hulkbuster, Quinjet, Morbius, and more [News]

Today LEGO has taken the wraps off the latest lineup of Marvel Super Heroes sets, revealing four new sets slated to launch in January 2023. The sets range from classics like the Avengers Quinjet with a scene from the original 2012 Avengers movie, to lesser-known scenes like Miles Morales fighting Morbius. New versions of the Hulkbuster and Ghost Rider’s motorcycle round out the offerings. Check out all the details below.

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Japanese farmers in a bamboo forest

This creation by Ids de Jong exudes a sense of calm and quiet even though the creation represents a bunch of Japanese farmers that are about to put in a good day’s work. Ids used the candle piece in dark tan and green to represent bamboo. The parts haven’t been fully pushed together to mimic the structure of bamboo better. It is nice to see the Raya hat alongside the two types of conical hats that already were in production.

Japanese farmers

LEGO Ninjago 2023 wave revealed with 9 new sets [News]

It should come as no surprise that LEGO’s Ninjago theme is as strong as ever heading into 2023 as it continues to be one of the company’s best-selling original IPs. The new January 2023 wave is being revealed today, bringing us nine new sets that will look pretty familiar to Ninjago aficionados, ranging from Lloyd’s Battle Mech to Cole’s Earth Dragon and Jay’s Lightning Jet. Most of the sets this season are EVO sets, meaning they can be evolved from a basic form to a guns-blazing, maxed-out version with the addition of easily removable modules. LEGO hasn’t clarified exactly when the sets will be available, but we expect that most, if not all of them, will launch as part of the January 1 rollout for 2023. Check out the full details on all the new sets below.

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The magic of Willow can be yours

If you missed the epic Lucas/Howard film in 1988 as I did, then you can redeem yourself in a couple of different ways. You may catch the new series streaming on Disney Plus starting today. Apparently, Warwick Davis will be reprising his titular role as the diminutive Willow Ufgood. Secondly, you may gaze upon this amazing LEGO playset built by Tobias Roloff. I can’t name these characters nor recall the scenes depicted here but, despite missing out on the cinematic action long ago, I know a fun playset when I see one. I mean, just look at those great textures and plant life and suspended bridges! You, on the other hand, may be better versed in the action sequences depicted here and you may be losing your collective cookies at the total awesomeness illustrated here.

Willow Action3 - Logo

Thirdly, (Did I mention there was a third option?) Tobias isn’t shy about notifying you that you can vote for this on LEGO Ideas to make this Willow playset a reality. If seeing this as a real set and getting it into your hot little hands is a thrill to you, then be sure to check out his Flickr stream where he conveniently provides the link for you to support this idea.

Willow Action2

When it comes to magic-users, the kookier the better!

Straight from the mind of LEGO builder MySnailEatsPizza comes this wonderfully witchy character named Isobel. Complete with a pet frog on her shoulder, this sorceress is seen here riding quite the ornate broomstick, complete with white rubber bands for grips and floating magical zamor sphere. Another black rubber band (all of them official LEGO parts, mind you) is used in her satchel. Aside from this excellent parts usage, this construction does a great job of conveying Isobel’s “chaotic good” sensibilities through a slightly cocked head, open and expressive arms, and legs semmingly crossed for both comfort and balance. She looks to be mid-conversation, describing the intricacies of the “mana-flow” and how best to implement its energy. If only I could follow any of what she’s saying….

Isobel, Witch of the Ashen Plains

Stone Pinocchio still wants to be a real boy

Dan Ko reimagines the story of Pinocchio but then in stone bricks instead of wood. Well, really it’s LEGO bricks of stone, but you get the idea! The little stone mason has been quite busy creating a lot of rocky statues. The main figure is the one of a little boy that is told to come alive by magic. However the other two statues in the picture really deserve to be highlighted too. The dragon is amazing and the figurehead is quite exceptional as well. Dan also created a lot of different hammers and tools the stone mason uses to craft his exceptional sculptures.

An Unexpected Request

A table strong enough to hold the Earth

I think it’s fair to say a LEGO build by Ralf Langer is always a going to be special. So when this appeared in my feed, I felt it needed to be shared with the readers of TBB. At first glance, it’s an elegant table adorned with a little tree. But there’s always more! Using artistic license, Ralf has created a map of the world in the table design, which compliments the colour of the tree’s leaves perfectly. Using plant stem parts, these leaves capture a naturalistic look, sitting proudly atop the table. A round shape is notoriously difficult to recreate in Lego form but Ralf has executed it to great effect here, using a nice solution to capture a rimmed edge to the table.

Earth Table

Grab some oc-tapas at the Octopus Bar & Grill

If you’re hankering for some seafood, best to check out the new LEGO restaurant on the corner of Modular Lane, owned and operated by Erek Weidner. The color scheme here really stands out: the light nougat walls with dark stone columns and red highlights making the building pop. I love the pattern of ornate shapes hugging the waist of the structure, the simple design on the tree formed around a piece of seaweed, and the gorgeous lettering on the restaurant’s sign. But I haven’t even talked about the 800-pound octopus in the room… or rather, on the roof. It’s an inspired idea to jazz up this modular, pulled straight from the pages of a used car dealership’s playbook.

Octopus Bar&Grill

As the bricks melt...

Melting bricks is a truly charming genre. It’s exactly on the border of casual LEGO building and art. And just like an artist, Andreas Lenander paints the new scene with just a touch of colours and a pair of mysterious figures. Is a first contact? Are they from the same universe? And what will happen next? From time to time we need a LEGO creation that leaves us with more questions than answers, and this is exactly one.

The beginning...prism

Lotus 97/T

This LEGO version of the iconic Lotus 97/T by Robson M is so good, you don’t want to come up with a witty title for the post. If you are not familiar with Formula 1 history, this is the car Ayrton Senna raced to win his first ever Formula 1 victory back in 1985. Back then racing cars were smaller and the designs were much simpler, with less aerodynamic elements. Maybe it’s the choice of LEGO elements, but there’s something in this build as if it was straight from that epoch. Neat execution of stickers is a massive bonus, along with tiny bevel LEGO Technic gears inside the wheels. What a lovely touch!

Lotus 97/T

A cookie worth writing home about.

With housing prices on the rise, Albert Lee invites you to consider the many joys of affordable gingerbread living. Gingerbread offers a variety of benefits; multistory construction, sugar glass windows, and a yard made from icing to help conserve water. Of course, you’re going to be in trouble if it rains. But that’s a risk worth taking in this market.

LEGO Gingerbread House

An inventor with his head in the clouds

Okay Yaramanoglu turns the idea of a floating island upside down with this Inventor’s House in the sky. Constructed on an inverted raised baseplate, this house has an eclectic mix of visible gears and propellors that call to mind LEGO’s old Time Cruiser’s theme. Inside the home is a variety of gadgets and gizmos, work spaces and living quarters. There’s even a basement inside the baseplate. It’s a high-altitude home with attitude.

The Inventor's House