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If you prefer your pictures moving — whether it’s a funny story told with stop-motion animation, video review of a new LEGO set, or showcase for a custom LEGO model’s working features — we have your LEGO videos right here.

BrickArms on Evening Magazine [News]

Will Chapman over at BrickArms was featured on yesterday’s episode of Evening Magazine here in Seattle. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, everyone else in the world can now watch the segment, in which Will talks about the origins of his business and his creative process, and shows off some of the equipment he uses in his shop.

“How are you holding up? Because I’m a potato.”

Alex Kobbs of Kooberz Studios posted his LEGO Portal video back in December, but it looks like we only featured the behind-the scenes video. I recently finished Portal 2 again, and Alex posted about the video on Flickr, so now seems as good a time as any to highlight the main video.

Since this is Part 1, I wonder when Part 2 will be out. Can’t wait!

Treebeard’s Holiday Special

BrotherhoodWorkshop presents another amusing installment of their LEGO Lord of the Rings videos, this time featuring the Ent Treebeard — along with the usual orcs.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas, full of boxes under the tree that rattle in that very special way.

LEGO Galaxy Squad set reviews (70700, 70702, 70703)

LEGO Galaxy Squad was just released, and here’s my review of 3 of the sets from the theme featuring the alien bug race: 70700 Space Swarmer, 70702 Warp Stinger, and 70703 Star Slicer. The video review consists of a look at the parts and a review of the models.

For those who just want to hear the verdict, I like the Space Swarmer for its compact design and the Warp Stinger for its decent design and good price. However, I am not much of a fan of the Star Slicer due to the flimsy looks of the mantis.

All three LEGO Galaxy Squadicon sets are now available from the LEGO Shop.