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How to build a safe to go with your brick bank [Instructions]

Looking back, I spent a lot of time as a kid-builder hoarding the LEGO money and gems. Every shiny item either went into the good ol’ 2x2x2 container box or a brick-built safe. Of course, my safes were rainbow-colored and typically had a lid instead of a door, but hey, they got the job done. Building 10251 Brick Bank took me back to those days. But so many builds could use a good safe, not just a bank! Perhaps you have a mansion or a mobster hideout? If you need a little inspiration (or instructions) on how to build one, Tiago Catarino is your guy! One of his recent tutorials features this adorable little safe with plenty of storage for those gold bars, coins, and cash.

Click the link below to follow along with Tiago as he shows you how to build this sturdy hideaway.

See the video tutorial

LEGO Bookshelf Safe

Just when I think I’ve seen everything that could be done with LEGO, Blake Baer (Blake’s Baericks) goes and does something new. This Mindstorms-operated bookshelf safe is amazing. Actually it is more than amazing, it is incredible. Building the books and disguising a safe inside would have been enough, but Blake goes one step further and automates the whole thing. I love it.

Bookend Safe

You really have to check out the video to fully appreciate this build:

This was built as an entry for this year’s MOCathalon