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I’m hooked on this captain

Captain Hook earned his famous moniker thanks to that trademark replacement appendage of his. And, no doubt, if you were to encounter the villainous pirate in real life, that hook would be hard to ignore. But in LEGO form, the hook proves to be the captain’s least interesting feature. Ivan Martynov has crafted a charming rendition of Peter Pan’s archenemy with plenty of details and techniques worthy of study. From the pirate hat made using hot air balloon shells, to the impressive flowing coat, it’s hard to worry very much about the hook. Maybe he should change his name to highlight a more impressive feature. Captain Coat? Captain Ascot? Captain That-Little-Beach-Diorama-He’s-Standing-On?

Captain Hook

The Lost Boys found a home in Neverland [Video]

LEGO builder and former LEGO Masters contestant Aaron Newman is no stranger to The Brothers Brick, and his latest creation earns him another mention for good reason. Aaron designed the Lost Boys hideout, the iconic location from the 1953 Disney adaptation of Peter Pan. In typical fashion for Aaron, the model is designed as a playset. So it has lots of action features throughout the model: the tree opens up in several places by pulling a string, and there is a secret rock passageway, a basket elevator and a light-up fireplace.

Lost Boys Hideout

The lineup of minifigures is great as well, combining a few official Peter Pan characters from the Disney Collectible Minifigure series with a handful of custom figs that are excellently put together. Especially the Darling family is spot on. Beyond the figs, don’t miss the curved tapered panel used as hammocks. If this was an official set, I’d buy it!

Be sure to check out this video with Aaron to see all the details, and take a look at our interviews with Aaron about his build style and being a contestant on LEGO Masters.