First dates and breaking the ice with LEGO [News]

LEGO is doubling down on focussing on the Adult market with a video just under 2 minutes featuring six strangers out on their first date. The setting in this typical session of mixed emotions ranging from being tensed up and full of anxiety are also those moments of silence, but with one difference – a LEGO set placed between the two individuals meeting for the first time.

The LEGO Adult product strategy is covered in-depth in our article last year, and the ongoing product line up which is featured in these videos, the Botanical Collection sets has been well received to the point where they’ve flown off the shelves and are hard to find items right now.

The video showcases three pairs of couples and apparently staged to meet together with the LEGO set that was strategically placed in front of them. The situation very quickly transforms as the genuine emotions felt of being absorbed and engaged in the LEGO building activity shines with a voice-over narrative of how the individuals felt during the date. The stronger message that is also the diversity of individuals represented and we applaud LEGO for taking a forward stance in this space.

Ultimately, this will inspire many others during first dates to break the ice with a bit of fun with LEGO.

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