Here’s how Adam Savage does LEGO sorting and storage [News]

Adam Savage, famously one of the co-hosts of Mythbusters, is known to have a penchant for thorough sorting and storage solutions, keeping his (very full) maker workshop meticulously organized. He frequently extolls the virtues of an efficient workspace on his YouTube channel, Tested, as he goes about building recreations of various movie props and other nerdy DIY projects. But what’s less well known is that Adam is also an avid AFOL (or Adult Fan of LEGO), and consequently, his needs for organization extend beyond shop tools and construction supplies. Adam’s latest video delves into a topic that’s extremely familiar to us: sorting LEGO.

Here at The Brothers Brick, we’ve also been doing a series of articles on sorting, since so many of us find ourselves with extra free time lately due to the stay-at-home orders in many locales. Everyone’s system is different, since it should be designed to fit your needs. Adam’s system is similar to my own, starting with color first and then dividing out in part type, with the occasional diversion to sorting some elements by pure functionality with no regard for color. Many builders have other methods, though, so be sure to check out our article series to learn more about LEGO sorting.

Adam, being the ultimate DIY-er, though, doesn’t just stop at sorting, but takes it to the next level with a custom-built storage cabinet as well.

Check out the full video below.

13 comments on “Here’s how Adam Savage does LEGO sorting and storage [News]

  1. madmrmax

    Did you see Adam using a mini screw driver to take apart bricks at the beginning? I’m like “WHAT?” – that damages the bricks! Use a plastic tool like a brick separator!

  2. Peter rees

    Can you please correct your article. Adam was not a co-creator of Mythbusters as he sometimes claims. Adam was hired as a host six months after the show was developed and sold to Discovery Channel. A cursory check of Wikipedia will confirm those details and my identity. Thanks for your understanding.

  3. Someone

    I’m not a rookie and I do sort by color. It’s part of my building style. I get inspired by seeing what parts I have in a particular color and what I could do with them. I choose a palette of several colors and then work within those. Spreading each color across containers that are sorted primarily by mold would slow me down.

  4. Frank

    Legos?!?!? Fan ?!?!? Right! Hoarder of knickknacks that happen to have a box of LEGO and needed to entertain. Please learn how to use the word if you are that much of a fan.

    This is far from being in is best build. Video should have been cut by 3/4

    A quick search upfront would have avoid wasting our time as well his.

    Too bad Adam better luck next time.

  5. Chris (TBB Managing Editor) Post author

    This sort of gatekeeping on who is or is not a LEGO fan is extremely unbecoming of the LEGO fan community and risks giving a bad name to all of us.

    Do you like LEGO and enjoy building with it and/or collecting it? Congrats, you’re an AFOL.

    Saying “Legos” or sorting by color, any other such trivialities, do not disqualify you. Stop being close-minded fanboys and just be excited that more people are discovering the joy of this awesome hobby.

  6. Mad physicist

    It’s quite funny to read about how only rookies sort by colour. Apparently Hellxnight and Lavern haven’t been following our series of articles on sorting.

  7. Chris Doyle

    @Mad physicist – Total agreement. I’ve sorted by color at pretty much every stage of my collection’s growth in one way or another. But in the end game (and I really, really hope I’m in the end game by now) by-color is a super important granularity.

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