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Plundering pirates plan an attack on a gleaming fortress

This reimagining of the classic LEGO set 6276 Eldorado Fortress comes to us from the mind of ArmoredBricks. Like the original set, this new take features the yellow bricks that no doubt give the fortress its name. Of course, there is another possible source for the fortress’s name–the treasure kept within its depths. There has to be something to draw Captain Redbeard and his compatriot to the defended structure. Up above, overlooking the courtyard and front walls, is Governor Broadside with his crystal goblet, quite sure of the treasure’s safety. The fortress itself is much larger than the original LEGO set from 1989. It can no doubt fit a full contingent of soldiers to protect against pirates. Its architectural details stand out better here too, from the towers to the archways. I personally enjoy the use of orange with the yellow on the supports by the incoming pirates.

Eldorado Fortress

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Winter, spring, summer, or fall

Vivaldi’s Le quattro stagioni is one of the most renowned pieces of music in the world, and served as newcomer ArmoredBricks’ inspiration for this moving (and moving!) LEGO model.

The Four Seasons

What sets this rendered model apart to me is not only the masterful instrument recreations but the titular seasons represented by small vignettes each crafted in their own clean, colorful way. Each one is such a clear personification of a season of the year. My favorite season vignette is the crooked, budding tree representing the spring season:

The Four Seasons | Spring

Check out the video below to see the full model in action accompanied by a sampling of the Spring concerti.