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Towns in the world of LEGO have everything cities in the real world do — police stations, fire engines, trains, hairdressers and veterinarians. Check out all the beautiful buildings and vehicles we’ve featured here on The Brothers Brick.

Whale Rock Lighthouse

The amount of details and level of realism in this lighthouse by Casper (Neverroads) is a rare sight to behold. From the way the angles come together in this octagonal structure to the complex matrix of supports underneath, the whole build took 6 months to bring to perfection. It also features 4 rooms and an attic, which you can see photos of in the builder’s Flickr gallery.

Whale Rock Lighthouse

The Carolers in the Cold

As much of North America is bracing itself for an extremely cold week (forecasts call for temperatures in the 30s in sunny Florida, even), Matt De Lanoy (Pepa Quin)’s posted this darling scene of carolers out in the blistery cold. I do hope for their sakes the temperatures, if in the single-digits, are at least on the positive side of zero.

The Carolers

What Time Do You Build?

Nick V. (Brickthing) builds at 9 o’clock, if you judge by the stately grandfather clock in the corner of this room of inspiration. Meant to represent all the different places Nick draws inspiration, the room is packed full of references to online communities and fellow fans who focus Nick’s creativity. Look closely, and you’ll notice that even the landscape outside the window is brick-built – something on which it would be incredibly easy to take a shortcut.

Time to Construct - Builder's Study

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Healy Are Looking as Sturdy as Ever

Architectural guru Erwin te Kortschot is back to creating brilliant LEGO skyscrapers. His most recent is a translation of one of the artist Achilles Gildo Rizzoli’s drawings, a portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Healy in architectural form. Erwin’s interpretation of the sketch into brick form makes a very visually interesting tower.

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Healy

“She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy”

Chris Maddison brings you a slice of Iowa farm life for your Saturday viewing pleasure replete with tractor, microscale barn, trees and a very clever furrowed field. Although the rolling hills in lime and sand-green are very simple in construction, they really add depth and style to this forced perspective scene. The sexy-time tractor is a fine example of the species, complete with rototiller and detailed engine. Chris has only been back from his dark-age for about a year now but he sure is making up for lost time.

She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy

Collaborative displays rock

As nice as the individual models that we blog are, I think there’s often something really special about collaborative builds. The collaborative display by Pennlug at Brickfair, for instance, was one of my favourite things on show and Bricksboro Beach, built by members of Brickish, was probably the nicest display I have ever personally been involved with.

Lowlug town layout at Legoworld

Last weekend, Legoworld took place in Utrecht in the Netherlands. Even though it is the public event closest to where I live and the largest LEGO-event in the Netherlands, I could not make it there myself. This is unfortunate for a variety of reasons, including because I would have loved to see the collaborative city display by lowlug-members Erik Smit (عʈ¡ – ʇıɯs ıʇə ʞıɹə), Tijger-San, Thomassio, Mockingbird, Arjan Oude Kotte (Konajra), Neverroads, Ruben Ras (workfromtheheart) and JeroenD (in random order).

Modular street

The individual elements, such as the cafe-corner compatible buildings (such as the ones by Tijger-San pictured above) are nice, but the whole display is one of those ‘whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ kind of things. You could walk around this and would keep noticing new things. If you want to get an impression of what it must looked like to members of the audience, check out Erik’s video.

The Coast Guard is Always Ready

Semper Paratus, the US Coast Guard’s motto, means “Always Ready” and this gorgeous render of a Reliance class Coast Guard cutter by Matt Bace (mmbace) indeed looks ready for anything. The helicopter on the back is particularly cool, and the ship looks fantastic in white with the iconic red stripe.

Reliance Class US Coast Guard Cutter

Stobart Scanias rule the roads of Britain

In the last few days I have written blog posts about the latest creations by Dutch truck builders (Nanko Klein Paste’s DAF and Dennis Glaasker’s Scania), but now it’s my own turn.

Since about two years, I’ve been building a collection of British vehicles to display at shows. In the summer of last year, I travelled from Portsmouth to York in the company of a group of British LEGO-building friends, going to a LEGO-show. Along the way we discussed my plans for building more British vehicles. During the five-hour drive we saw at least two dozen trucks operated by the Stobart Group. This company was founded by ‘Steady’ Eddie Stobart and operates more than 2000 trucks, mostly Scanias. They are ubiquitous in Britain and instantly recognizable. It was obvious that, if I was going to build a truck for my collection, it had to be a Stobart truck (or lorry, as my friends insist on calling it).

Stobart Scania R420 (3)

It took me a while though. One of the things that make these trucks/lorries so recognizable is their rather funky-looking colour scheme and even though the graphics on the real vehicles are done with stickers, I wanted to build them out bricks. This was complicated, obviously, but the end result does give a decent impression of what it looks like on the real Scania.

In little more than a week, the 2013 Great Western LEGO Show will take place in Swindon in the UK. My collection of British vehicles will be on display there, including this truck, as well as my B-52 model.

Classic Dutch DAF

Hot on the heels of fellow Dutch truck builder Dennis Glaasker, Nanko Klein Paste (nkle) has also built a new truck. Unlike Dennis’ trucks, it’s not all shiny and full of chrome, however. It’s a much more utilitarian-looking Dutch DAF 2300 truck from the early eighties.

DAF FT 2300 ti-02a by nkle on flickr

There is much to like though, such as the construction of the radiator with a small edge around it, the SNOT construction on the side of the cab and front bumper and the detailed chassis, engine bay and working tilt cab. Growing up, I used to regularly see trucks like this and I absolutely love it.