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Towns in the world of LEGO have everything cities in the real world do — police stations, fire engines, trains, hairdressers and veterinarians. Check out all the beautiful buildings and vehicles we’ve featured here on The Brothers Brick.

LEGO Speed Champions 75871 Ford Mustang GT [Review]

LEGO has an all-new wave of Speed Champions planned for 2016, bringing some American muscle to a party that has so far been dominated by European supercars like Porsche, Ferrari, and McLaren. European cars are still in the mix for this year, but first off the starting line for the Americans is a 2016 Ford Mustang GT, a killer car in blue with a classic white stripe.

75871 Ford Mustang GT

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A warm day in a villa on the Spanish Riviera

Really, I’ll take anywhere that looks like it has temperatures above zero degrees. No complaints from me if it’s a place as lovely as Gabe Umland‘s Spanish villa. His architecture and location is complemented by several small details, like the vines, hanging planters, and telescope on the balcony, to give the scene a lived-in feel.

Spanish Villa

What the LEGO T-rex was made for

While browsing through Flickr today, I stumbled on this hilarious scene created by Brick Police. I’ve seen several photos of his highly detailed and customized police figures in various situations before, but this really takes the cake! LAPD vs T-Rex I must admit it cheers me up to see the good ol’ T-rex having a brawl with the LAPD. I hope we get to see more fun uses of the LEGO Jurassic World dinosaurs outside their cages!

Where water and earth meet

Water is quite fascinating, really. It has the power to create and destroy. It has carved the earth over the centuries to create the world we see today. It continues its slow work each and every day.

A bit philosophical for a Saturday morning, but for that, I look to Anu Pehrson who posted this absolutely lovely seaside village. With her build, she focused on how water interacts with stone to create arches and the curves of the coast, which she’s accomplished beautifully.

A self sustained island village

Speeding in style

As LEGO car builders know, creating a small vehicle with lots of features is a difficult task. This slick racer by Wave Noiz hits all the right notes though, with butterfly doors, great driver visibility, and dual-exhaust all packaged into a tiny sports car body just big enough to fit a minifig. In my opinion, it all comes together like a fantastic new concept for a Batmobile.


The cracks are showing along Route 66

As you cruise past this old diner located somewhere along Route 66 in your souped-up hot rod, it is clear that all is not well. I don’t know what has led to the scene in this diorama by Austrian builder Sanel Lukovic, but it seems that the derelict diner was abandoned in a hurry; that’s never a good thing!

Route 66

The details that highlight the sense of abandonment are my favourite part of this diorama. Intricate features abound, such as the diner stool that has been knocked over, the broken window with a view inside, the can of coke that has fallen out of the rubbish bin, the broken, exposed fluorescent light tubes and the graffiti on the wall.

Gas Station

At first I thought the cracked road was due to an earlier earthquake but that doesn’t explain the whole story. Sanel tells me that far more sinister reasons are probably to blame…

Life’s a beach, and none’s better than this

Toronto native Melanie F. brings us this awesome recreation of her city’s beautiful and vibrant waterfront row houses. Melanie’s a fan of Unikitty, and she’s found exceptionally clever uses for several of Unikitty’s pieces here, with the horns as lovely little microscale trees and the tails as picture-perfect rolling waves. The lime green ice cream scoops are also brilliantly put to use as topiaries.

The Beaches - Microscale

The best part? She’s built the homes in minifig scale, too!

The Beaches in Toronto, ON, Canada

Mercedes-Benz 180 Ponton – recreated down to the wheel jack

We’ve been featuring quite a few cars on The Brothers Brick lately; hot rods, mini hot rods, trucks and even… tire robots? Anyway, since so many great motors are being made, we want to show them off, and this Mercedes-Benz from nameless_member does the German car in excruciating detail. The model only gets better when you look inside and see a fully fleshed out interior, engine, and, yes, even the tools you need to fix the thing.
Lego Mercedes Benz 180 Ponton
Lego Mercedes Benz 180 Ponton   Motor

Just a trucking good recreation

Spaceships, mechs and Akira-esque bikes are all very well and good, but sometimes simply recreating a real vehicle is a pleasure unto itself. Adam Glowacki has brought us trucks before, but this model of a Kenworth K108 is superb. Check out a picture of the real thing to see just how close this version gets. The only aspect really missing is shiny chrome. We miss the days of shiny bricks…

Kenworth K108
Kenworth K108
I’d like to personally apologize for the title.