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Towns in the world of LEGO have everything cities in the real world do — police stations, fire engines, trains, hairdressers and veterinarians. Check out all the beautiful buildings and vehicles we’ve featured here on The Brothers Brick.

Do you need worms?

Whenever I want to see a LEGO creation about sailing, I take a look at Arjan Oude Kotte’s photostream. Once again he has not failed me with his latest addition to his portfolio, a charming bait shop. The asymmetric structure of the shack is full of amazing details and greebles. A perfect number of items and minifigures are scattered around making it a very lively scene!

Harpers Baitshop

The scenery is very warm thanks to the choice of colors both for the model and the background. It makes me want to take a stroll on the pier and spend a couple of hours listening to the sound of waves and watching people go by. Unfortunately, I live in a landlocked city and all I can do for now is to take a look at his Flickr album.

Harpers Baitshop

Cleveland’s Harkness Chapel recreated in LEGO

Ohio builder Zachary Lewis is known for creating incredibly detailed and accurate LEGO models of real-life buildings, such as the suburban house we highlighted last fall. His most recent build, the interior of Cleveland’s Florence Harkness Memorial Chapel, is a prime example. Zachary has perfectly captured this historic landmark’s neo-Gothic interior. I can’t get over the beautiful wood paneling surrounding the stage. And of course, everything from the wooden rafters down to the carpet on the floor is spot on. Don’t believe me? Check out photos of the actual building on Flickr and see for yourself.


I love livin’ in the city

I’ve got nothing against the classic brick and brownstone facades of yesteryear. But I am a sucker for the hyper-modern apartment buildings that are springing up in urban areas all across America. This model by lisqr hits all the right notes: assymetrical design, complex vertical plane, and surprising color choices. Each minifig-scale balcony is individually detailed, firmly linking the form to a human cityscape. Plus, cats. Just one question: how much is the rent?

Modern Apartment

Giant LEGO City set to launch Space Shuttle in 3, 2, 1

South Korean professional building team Olive Seon specialize in creating huge layouts for retail stores to showcase official LEGO sets (like this epic UCS-scale Star Wars trench run or a true minifig-scale Stay Puft marshmallow man terrorizing the city). Though the official sets are the focus, the team are masters at integrating them into beautiful custom backdrops, and I never tire of seeing the official sets nestled into dioramas like the LEGO catalogs from the 80s and 90s. Olive Seon’s latest diorama is worth it just for the epic shuttle launch they’ve portrayed. Never has the 60080 Spaceport shuttle looked so good.

Giant LEGO City

Giant LEGO City Shuttle Launch

A trio of classy classic Fire Trucks

Galaktek from Seattle has been working on some pretty cool vintage fire trucks recently and now we get to see them all together. Galaktek has particularly done some nice work on the classic open-cab hook and ladder truck. The smooth lines can be hard to accomplish in minifig scale. These fire trucks makes you want to build something red!

Fire Trucks

Hook and Ladder

Incredible LEGO model of Liebherr LTM 1750 mobile crane

Huib van der Hart is a master of large LEGO cranes. His latest effort is a Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1 mobile crane owned by Northwest Crane Service. At 1:16 scale, the model packs in loads of detail, and Huib tells us the crane uses close to 15,000 pieces, is over 4 feet in length and weighs 33 pounds. It’s even completely drivable with 18-wheel steering thanks to LEGO Power Functions. This isn’t Huib’s first humongous crane, either, as he previously built this crane’s sibling, the Liebherr LTM 11200 9.1. He’s continuing to work on the 1750 model, and has plans to make the boom arm fully extendable.

Liebherr LTM 1750 9.1 NORTHWEST

Liebherr LTM 1750 9.1 NORTHWESTLiebherr LTM 1750 9.1 NORTHWEST

A walking garden

IGU from Japan has created the cutest garden ever! But it’s not the sort of garden you would expect. Look closely, and you’ll see that this garden is atop an old and huge turtle. He may look a little bit exhausted, but don’t let it mislead you. He is so full of happiness that all sorts of flowers keep popping off his back. All the animals rush to his shelter. Hayao Miyazaki would totally approve this creation!

Walking Garden

Make sure you check out the flickr album for more close-up photos which reveal lovely details.

Even old machinery can serve long when treated properly [Video]

One of the biggest dilemmas that LEGO builders face is choosing between impressive appearance and complex functionality of their creations. LEGO pieces, although offering an enormous number of combinations, still place huge limits on the functionality and mobility of models. That’s why hitting on a sweet build complete with a video of functions in action excites me like nothing else. One of the best Latvian builders, de-marco, whose works are always especially neat and aesthetically beautiful, has shared a small diorama of an old rusty rail-road crane by the loading area.

Old crane

Click through to see this crane in action

Cyberpunk Tripartite

I love the verticality to Sam Malmberg‘s slice of a cyberpunk cityscape. The builder mentions he was inspired by the architectural concept of a tripartite structure, which gives an appearance of vertically dividing lower, middle, and upper social and economic classes. A great concept for a cyberpunk scene, and rather well executed too!

Cyberpunk Tripartite

Cyberpunk Tripartite

There are several small details and scenes that bring this build to life, so be sure to check out the rest of the photos on Sam’s Flickr page.

A pair of hardcore hot rods

If you love cars, you can’t go wrong with taking a stroll through Calin‘s photostream. Doing so will lead you to models such as these two below — a low-riding VW Beetle with superb engine detailing called “Salty Bug”…

Salty Bug

And something that looks more like a Hot Wheels (but it’s LEGO, so it’s much better)…

The Purple People Eater

Seeing these really makes me happy that you can get yourself a similar build in an official set. 75875 Ford F-150 Raptor & Ford Model A Hot Rod comes with a modified Ford Model A (say that 10 times fast) that not only looks the part, but has printed door pieces ablaze with flames. I imagine this set is going to be very desirable for that alone.

1930s Fire Truck is ready for your parade

You’ve been there, I’m sure — on the sidelines, snacking on your candy tossed from other floats. Then here they come: The classic cars of days gone by. All beautiful, to be sure, but who doesn’t love when the old fire trucks come out of retirement, fire up their diesels, and head down main street in their bright red glory? Tim Schwalfenberg has captured this beautiful moment rather spectacularly. The classic hood shaping, the wood grates and that delightful ladder all make this an instantly recognizable build.

Fire Truck