Motorized Technic Bus opens its doors to LEGO passengers [Instructions]

Builder HallBricks blends the functional with the beautiful in this Technic Motorized Bus. I watched this video several times in awe of its clean lines, compact design, and marvelous engineering. This model exhibits many design features that blend SYSTEM brick and Technic parts to form elegant curves. The rear pillars and roof combine Technic panels with SYSTEM rounded slopes for a smooth, semi-oblate shape. On the outside, the model’s headlights and tail lights consist of multiple translucent tiles for a multi-faceted effect.

On the inside, the dash has many thoughtful details made of printed tile pieces. Both passenger doors and the rear hatch open to reveal interior details.

Beyond its design, this model has many functional components to admire. The model drives and steers remotely, powered by a working V6 engine visible from the rear hatch compartment. Both passenger doors open, controlled independently by remote. The battery compartment is tucked away neatly inside the bus, a short finger reach from a window. The remote combines an IR Speed Remote Control and the IR Remote Control to control both the steering/locomotion and to open the passenger doors.

For a real treat, pay close attention around 2:36 in the video for a close up of the gear system built that opens the two passenger doors.

If you fancy building your own motorized Technic bus, HallBricks has made instructions available.