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Ultron’s Throne

Supervillains rarely succeed, and for good reason. The minute they kill off their eternal foes, the story ends – which is why it’s so great to actually see them win! Cid Hsiao shows us one of those rare bloody victories in the form of Ultron’s throne. Here the devious robot Ultron can laugh from atop the broken corpses of the Avengers and intimidate any would-be challengers – assuming he hasn’t yet also destroyed the world, that is.

Ultron's Throne by Cid Hsiao

Helicarriers Assemble!

Let’s climb in the way-back machine, constant reader and check out this microscale Avengers Helicarrier from June of last year. The builder is TBB regular Jack Marquez Ewok in Disguise, who brings his typical style and skill to the rather unlikely vehicle.


A more recent take on the Helicarrier come from MOCpages resident Sariel, who adds light, motion and out of scale minifigs to the creative mix. Nick Fury would no doubt be pleased…if he is ever pleased.