Come and Marvel at this large-scale LEGO Stan Lee

We’ve seen loads of LEGO builds on TBB by Lego_nuts over the last three years. But his latest creation, allowing us to peer into the mind of the irreverent Stan Lee, has got to be my favorite yet! His large-scale office is full of references to Marvel properties, from an expertly crafted Infinity Gauntlet to Stark’s arc reactor. The use of the Constraction heads as busts on the shelf behind Lee is top notch. But it’s the big man himself that steals the show in this scene. The creation exudes that friendly charisma that Stan was known for, with his smiling face behind a white mustache. His glasses are spot-on at this scale, and I’m pretty sure Lee’s worn that exact outfit in one of his many movie cameos.

The marvelous story of Stan Lee