First look at the 40385 LEGO Trophy [News]

This past weekend, we found the 40305 LEGO Trophy set images on LEGO’s servers. Not part of any specific theme, the release of a generic trophy would have broader application beyond holiday-specific events.

The set comes with 7 different brightly coloured 2×4 tiles with accompanying stickers to celebrate various events. Among the phrases included are BFF (Best Friends Forever), Brick buddy, AWESOME, Well Done!, Best Mom ever, Best Dad ever, and My Hero. These are to be placed at the base of the trophy.

Also included are 12 other 2×2 tiles in white and yellow with various stickers, which may be placed on the trophy cup for further customisation.

Pricing and availability are not yet available, but you can be sure that we’ll be sharing more information when the time comes.