LEGO Trolls: World Tour full set lineup revealed [News]

Today, LEGO took the wraps off the upcoming sets for the Trolls: World Tour movie, revealing seven tie-in sets. The film, starring Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, is slated to arrive April 17, 2020, but the LEGO sets will come much sooner with a release date of January (which likely means they will actually drop Dec. 26, like most of the other January-wave sets). The sets feature a solid dose of new elements to create all the zany Trolls, along with other new introductions like musical notes and new hot air balloon panels. We got a brief look at the LEGO Trolls minifigures last month, but now we can see the full sets. The line appears to include one 4+ (formerly known as Juniors) set, with the rest being traditional sets. LEGO provided some set images to Yahoo Entertainment (because apparently this is still 2005), while also revealing lifestyle images of each set on Instagram.

Don’t miss the rest of the LEGO lineup for 2020:

41250 Lonesome Flats Raft Adventure | $29.99

41251 Poppy’s Pod | $19.99

41252 Poppy’s Air Balloon Adventure | $29.99

41253 Techno Reef Dance Party | $19.99

41254 Volcano Rock City | $39.99

41255 Pop Village Celebration | $49.99

Finally, the details for this seventh set are still unknown, but you can check out LEGO’s image below.

2 comments on “LEGO Trolls: World Tour full set lineup revealed [News]

  1. David

    When I first heard of Lego Trolls, my reaction was like many other people “WTF”, but seeing the sets, I have to admit that they’re kind of cute.

    I won’t probably get any, but if my kids really really want one, I may just say yes.

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