LEGO Ninjago 2020 lineup features new vehicles, mechs and arcade pods [News]

Today we’re getting a look at the upcoming LEGO Ninjago 2020 lineup, thanks to retailer Meinspielzeug. These are slated to be available in the starting December 26th, and prices are listed in Euros. The new season features new speeder vehicles, a couple of mechs, a marketplace and a temple. Plus there’s a new form of Arcade Pod featuring minifigures Kai, Lloyd and Jay with a load of additional weaponry encased in a pod-like structure that resembles an old-school arcade cabinet.

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Full details of the Ninjago sets are below:

71700 Jungle Raider | 127 pcs | €9.99


71702 Golden Mech | 489 pcs | €39.99


71706 Cole’s Speeder car | 52 pcs | €9.99

71707 Kai’s Mech Jet | 217 pcs | €19.99

71708 Gamer’s Market | 218 pcs | €34.99

71709 Jay and Lloyds Velocity Racers | 322 pcs | €29.99

71710 Ninja Turbo Car | 419 pcs | €39.99

71711 Jay’s Cyber Dragon | 518 pcs | €49.99

71712 Empire Temple Of Madness | 810 pcs | €79.99


71714 Kai Avatar – Arcade Pod | 49 pcs | €9.99

71715 Jay Avatar – Arcade Pod | 47 pcs | €9.99

71716 Lloyd Avatar – Arcade Pod | 48 pcs | €9.99


5 comments on “LEGO Ninjago 2020 lineup features new vehicles, mechs and arcade pods [News]

  1. Moo

    Im with you there Merlo, but I don’t think it will happen – I think the Ninjago City series has had its day and we will see no more of it unfortunately :/

  2. Shane

    Yeah, I’m in agreement with Moo. Both of the Ninjago City sets are set to be discontinued at the end of the year, so it looks like that series is done. I wish they would have at least finished the block though. 4 corner pieces instead of just one corner and an additional section.

  3. Johnny Johnson

    I’m a fan of these Bebop and Rocksteady characters (Krusher and Richie?). And the arcade cabinets are a pretty great pod design! Not sure that I love how the game controllers have a stud on one side and an anti-stud on the other, but they still look OK and certainly are fun weapon handles. Really funny that they all have “health bars”, too. Nice!

  4. the crow flies in square circles

    Is nobody else gonna mention the rear wheel on that green motorcycle? That appears to be a new piece! I wonder if it’s a recolor of one of the wheels from the spike prime set. I’m not a huge Ninjago fan, but some of these parts (especially that magnificent wheel) get me excited.

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