LEGO City 2020 lineup reveals 8 new sets for Police and Fire [News]

Today we’re getting our first look at the City 2020 lineup, starting with eight new sets from the emergency services divisions of Police and Fire, thanks to various retailers. With six new Police sets and two Fire sets, LEGO City will certainly be active next year. The lineup even includes real flying helicopters thanks to a ripcord launcher system similar to those used on other themes like Ninjago. Each of the sets will be officially available starting Dec. 26, 2019, and while we don’t have full USD prices yet, we can confirm approximate euro prices.

Don’t miss the other new sets for 2020:

Check out all the individual City sets below.

60241 Police Dog Unit | 67 pcs | €9.99

60242 Police Highway Arrest | 185 pcs | €19.99

60243 Police Helicopter Chase | 212 pcs | €29.99

60244 Police Helicopter Transport | 317 pcs | €49.99

60245 Police Monster Truck Heist | 362 pcs | €49.99

60246 Police Station | 743 pcs | €99.99

60247 Forest Fire | 84 pcs | €9.99

60248 Fire Response Helicopter | 93 pcs | €24.99


9 comments on “LEGO City 2020 lineup reveals 8 new sets for Police and Fire [News]

  1. R

    The new motorcycle mold looks pretty dope. Other than that, these don’t look that great to me and LEGO should stop trying to gimmick up all of the police sets too.

  2. Johnny Johnson

    The new magnet pieces look interesting… but wow, those flying ripcord one-piece helicopters are worse than Galidor.

  3. Tomte

    Oh my god, that police station is so sad to see if one knows what was possible a few years ago (at the same price).

  4. InvisibleTimmy

    Duke Detain is a pretty great character name. I mean, he’s no Dash Justice, Clutch Powers, or Johnny Thunder, but he’s… something.

  5. Andrew

    This is so so sad not even lego is what it use to be the level of complexity is so low some of them for me look like playmobile

  6. Andrew Winnitoba

    Those 1 piece helicopters um, interesting. I don’t really like it, and the police station is just sad, they failed at designing that. The magnet looks interesting, but kinda ruins Lego. Last year I know they had the light and sound, but I didn’t and still don’t like that piece. All in all, Lego City line this year is not one I like.

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