First pictures of 71026 LEGO DC Comics Collectible Minifigures are available online [News]

Today, Japanese retailer Bic Camera has published the first official pictures of the upcoming 71026 LEGO DC Comics Collectible Minifigures collection. With 16 minifigures to collect, the collection includes minifigures of some of the most iconic DC characters, such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Joker, Classic Cheetah, Aquaman, Bat-Mite, Flash, Green Lantern and many more. The minifigures are slated to be in stores no earlier than January 2020; regional prices are yet to be confirmed.

Superman (Rebirth)


The Joker (The Dark Knight Returns)
The Bat-Man
The Flash (Jay Garrick)

AquamanMetamorpho Green Lantern  (Simon Baz)Bumblebee

Wonder Woman

HuntressCheetahMister MiracleSinestroStar Girl

11 comments on “First pictures of 71026 LEGO DC Comics Collectible Minifigures are available online [News]

  1. InvisibleTimmy

    That Dark Knight Returns Joker looks awesome, and not something I’d expect them to make. Plus the classic Batman figures, one of which looks to be Bat-Baby (?) are great. Good stuff all around.

  2. rex francorum

    @Johnny Johnson
    You can see there is some sort of trans clear element as well. On the lower part of the box you can see it is there to make them “hover” or “fly”

  3. Winston Yw Lee

    Jumper plate is for one-foot “action poses” as seen in the poses on the outside box panels

  4. Purple Dave

    @Johnny Johnson
    There was mention of some new trans-clear “action pose” elements. Based on the box art that Winston mentioned, it looks like there’s a single trans-clear element that every one of this series gets. It appears to be similar to Assaj Ventras’ Lightsaber hilt, with a bit of curved bar stock that plugs into the recessed stud on the jumper plate, and a stud on one end for the minifig to stand on. I was hoping for some variety, but this is still way better than the Tiddlywinks base they came up with a couple years ago. It won’t rip up the legs of the minifig, and it’s generic enough that I guarantee it’ll see tons of alternate use in MOCs. The only substantial problem I see with it is there’s a limited selection of trans-clear parts that it will work with. 2×2 and 3×3 radar dishes are fine, but don’t provide a lot of stability. 4×4 radar dishes have solid studs, and the 1×1 round plate with hollow stud has never been released in trans-clear. 1×1 round bricks have, but that seems like a dangerous combination if there’s no hard stop on the curved bar to prevent you from jamming it down in the stud and stressing the parts. The old 4-petal round plate (which is rare, but does exist in trans-clear), and the new 5-petal round plate (which does not) would solve that neatly, as would the Green Army Men stand, as all three of those parts have recessed instead of hollow studs.

    Agreed about Joker, but the Vacation Joker from TLBM2 is almost certainly a nod to The Killing Joke, which seemed even less likely. As for “Bat-Baby”, that would be Bat-Mite. He’s Batman’s equivalent of Superman’s Mister Mxyzptlk. Where Mxyzptlk likes to torment Supes, Bat-Mite usually wants to be “helpful” and team up with Batman to fight crime.

  5. Johnny Johnson

    I sure wish somebody would tell me what those jumper plates are for, though! Anybody? Oh well, guess I’ll just keep on wondering

  6. Purple Dave

    @Johnny Johnson:
    Third sentence in my previous comment, I mentioned that the clear piece appears to plug into the recessed stud on the jumper plate. The CMF stand has four solid studs, so there’s no way to connect a bar to them short of trying to wedge it between the studs. The jumper plate has a recessed stud, so as long as the bar end on the new action pose element ends in a flat end instead of a hemisphere (think the S1 Zombie’s shovel vs any shovel made prior to the CMF theme), that’s all you need to attach it.

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