More LEGO Mandalorian goodness featuring scene from Tatooine [News] revealed on their YouTube channel earlier today a new Star Wars Mandalorian LEGO set featuring a scene titled Trouble on Tatooine with two vehicles and three figures. The weekly segment for the channel that covers all things Star Wars updates including merchandise and toys and games. The set will be available January 1st, 2021 for US $29.99 | CAN $39.99 | UK £27.99.

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Check out the new Trouble on Tatooine set below

The 276 piece set titled Trouble on Tattoine features The Mandalorian and The Child on a speeder bike and a Tusken Raider that’s ready to battle with the common enemy featured in the first episode of Season 2 on a crossbow-like contraption.

The set also features a Tuskan abode with an outdoor fireplace. The child is seated at the rear of the speeder in a pouch just like the speeder vehicle seen on the same episode.

This set is also a great way to secure The Child baby-fig at a lower entry point compared to the Razor Crest that was released recently.

LEGO 75299 Trouble on Tatooine will be hitting shelves on January 2021 and will retail at US $29.99 | CAN $39.99 | UK £27.99.

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5 comments on “More LEGO Mandalorian goodness featuring scene from Tatooine [News]

  1. Jack

    I think the Tusken build is one of the big crossbow/ballista weapons they use at the end of the episode against the *spoiler(?)*, rather than another speeder bike.

  2. R-Typist

    Is this a new Mando torso print? The raider AT-ST and Razor Crest sets include Mando with the old brown armour. This set seems to depict the full Beskar armour set.

  3. W0LF

    I gotta say, for a Star Wars set, that ballista is disappointing. Especially given the quality of other similar artillery pieces I’ve seen. Oh well, it’s an opportunity to build better I guess.

  4. Sam

    This is definitely an example of Lego only getting the vaguest information from Lucasfilm on what the plot of an episode will be. That said, it’s still a neat set and I’ve added it to my lest.

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