Here in the US, we are quite used to being the best at everything. Our job numbers look tremendous and our COVID numbers are tops in the world, way higher than Canada’s. With this much winning sometimes a fella just wants to shout it from the mountain tops (or another carefully chosen location). This is why we were moved to tears when Brothers Brick alumni Iain Heath created a LEGO version of one of our proudest moments. (No, seriously, I checked in with the other staff here at The Brothers Brick and we’re all pretty much in tears at the state of our winning.) It depicts our beloved presidential attorney and star of Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm bringing his -we’ll never give up, can-do attitude- to the Four Seasons in Philadelphia. Not the posh downtown hotel but rather The Four Seasons Total Landscaping establishment conveniently located between a crematorium and a sex shop. You know the place.

"ALL the networks!"

To be clear, this is not a real LEGO set. However, I’m certain we can use our power and influence to phone up LEGO or Rupert Murdoch or somebody to create a reality more in line with our own wants and needs. Iain is a true American patriot! But somehow he has a funny accent, like the kind you hear on one of those stuffier news stations. Maybe he was born while on vacation or something? Anyway, whether before, after, or during his tenure here at Brothers Brick, Iain is no stranger to our archives. He’s also quite used to getting his LEGO art out there and becoming a viral sensation. If it hasn’t happened already, I’m sure this newest piece will be covered on…wait for it…ALL THE NETWORKS! We’re thrilled with the amount of winning we’re doing around here. How about you?

"ALL the networks!"

8 comments on “SO MUCH WINNING!!!!!!!

  1. nerpter77

    I like the Easter eggs there. The set number as Election Day and the piece count as the total electoral college votes. Much win! LOL!

  2. legodad42

    You were NEVER in NYC when we had over 2000 murders per year.
    When he came in and over his tenure it drop to 600 per year. Streets were safer. You could take the trains late at night. More businesses popped up.
    You don’t know s**t about what he did for the city. That’s why you see Times Square with all those business come in in the 90’s and 2000’s. They cleaned it up. I was there. I lived it. It was much better under him. For everyone left and right you dummy!

  3. dchernack

    Love it! Absolutely hilarious. No matter what Rudy “did” for the city back in his day, a) Ed Koch was a better mayor anyway and b) he undoubtedly deserves ridicule now.

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