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Space Oddity!

Continuing on the retro-future theme for a bit.

Soren has added to his aliens with a Martian spacesuit and the Secretary General of the UP

Soren Roberts' Martian Spacesuit
Soren Roberts' Secretary General

And, as well as giving my pseudoyak a skeleton I’ve also added a Uranian and her spacesuit.

Tim Gould's Uranian
Tim Gould's Uranian spacesuit

Let’s see if we make more

It’s just the freakiest show

Those of use with a love of pulp science fiction know exactly how the Solar System should have been. It should have been filled with strange aliens, unique animals, forests and rivers.

To remedy this Soren Roberts has ensured we can populate our LEGO universe with weird and wonderful intra-system aliens. My favourite is the Martian (more later) but they’re all terribly cute.

Soren Roberts' aliens

Having seen the Martian I couldn’t escape the thought that he desperately needed a pseudoyak and cart. My heavily overtired brain took surprisingly little time to come up with this little diorama. That’s every sand-red piece I own right there.

Tim Gould's Mars diorama