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LEGO 77906 Wonder Woman and the Cheetah DC Fandome Exclusive available again [News]

The Wonder Woman and the Cheetah DC Fandom Exclusive is now available on US retailer Walmart. If you missed the sales on LEGO US stores, now’s a second chance to snag one. Note that this is a US-only exclusive.

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This mosaic is a Wonder (Woman) [Feature]

A little while ago,  Alyse Middleton and I (Chris Doyle) shared the process behind our Wonder Woman LEGO Art mosaic. We didn’t have the time (or parts) to finish our vision then, but as promised we’ve returned to share the completed project – a 48 x 144 stud tribute to Lynda Carter. Consuming over 7000 pieces, (6,912 of them 1×1 round plate/tile), this has the same form-factor as the giant Darth Vader and Iron Man “Ultimate” builds.

Wonder Woman on display.. With better props
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Idea to actual: How we made some Wonder Woman LEGO Art [Feature]

Once a year, my long-distance partner Alyse Middleton and I, Chris Doyle, try to take a week of vacation together. With the realities of life in the USA in 2020 limiting the potential destinations, this time we opted for a “Quarencation” at my place. Kind of a bummer, but staying here kept us within easy reach of my LEGO workspace…and that paid out some nifty results. We were able to take an idea we had been kicking around all the way from concept to physical model. Working in the style of the new LEGO Art sets, we created a mosaic of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman - LEGO Art Style

I’d built a number of mosaics in the past, so I had a few ideas on how we could approach making a new one. And while that experience was helpful, we ended up taking a very different route to reach our goal. Come along with us on our journey of highs, lows, seemingly endless moments of “I guess we’re starting over again“, and, yes, eventual triumph.

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LEGO 77906 Wonder Woman and the Cheetah now available for pre-orders [Sales]

The LEGO 77906 Wonder Woman and the Cheetah Fandom reveal earlier today is now available for pre-order on LEGO Online Store (US Only). It is priced at $39.99 USD and will ship on October 1st. The set comes with 3 minifigures and 255 pieces. We are also extremely proud to note that this is first LEGO set designed by former TBB Contributor Carter Baldwin in his new role as LEGO product designer.

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LEGO 77906 Wonder Woman and the Cheetah revealed as DC Fandome Exclusive [News]

As the DC Fandome event is only hours away from opening its virtual doors, we get a peek at yet another exclusive – this time featuring  Wonder Woman, the Cheetah and Etta Candy. It comes with 3 minifigures made up of 255 pieces in total and a vignette of Cheetah wielding a sword in a mid-flight pounce attacking Wonder Woman.

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Build your own LEGO Miniland Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman characters [Instructions]

You can now determine the fate of the World’s Finest, aka Trinity, aka the three most popular characters in the DC Universe — Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman — by building them as LEGO Miniland characters using these video instructions created by Tiago Catarino in a collaboration together with Pedro Sequeira.

That 2×2 corner wedge plate used for Superman’s insignia has always reminded me of the Man of Steel, and I’m glad someone else sees that too! Up up and away!

76157 Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah now available from LEGO [News]

The newest LEGO DC Comics set 76157 Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah is now available from LEGO. The set comes with 371 pieces and includes three minifigures of Wonder Woman, Cheetah and Maxwell Lord. The set is currently available for US $39.99 | CAN $49.99 | UK £34.99 (with 2x VIP points for the month of May).

The Warner Bros. film Wonder Woman 1984 was originally slated for June 5th, though it has been delayed until August 14th because of the coronavirus. The Wonder Woman set is now available from LEGO along with the new Minions sets and Star Wars helmets.

Click to see more photos of the Wonder Woman LEGO set from our original product announcement.

Wonder Woman 1984 LEGO set revealed as 76157 Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah [News]

The newest LEGO DC Comics set has been revealed as 76157 Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah. Posted by Amazon.es earlier today, the set is based on the upcoming summer blockbuster Wonder Woman 1984. The set includes 371 pieces and will retail for US $39.99 | CAN $49.99 | UK £34.99 when it becomes available. We will bring you updates as more information becomes available.

The Warner Bros. film was originally slated for June 5th, though it has been delayed until August 14th because of the coronavirus. That change in scheduling may delay the release of this set, like several of the LEGO sets based on the upcoming Minions: The Rise of Gru movie. We have not seen the movie yet, so fair warning for possible spoilers in the set description below.

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Wonder Woman at the ready

Polish builder Lucas Aligierski takes us to Themyscira with his LEGO Wonder Woman, a model he sweetly dedicated to his wife. The model belongs to a class of sculptures that expertly blends traditional LEGO System elements with constraction-scale elements like those produced for Bionicle and Hero Factory. The pieces used lend themselves to the very organic, muscled look of everyone’s favorite DC warrior princess. The sculpted look is appropriate for a character born from clay.

Wonder Woman

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