Dinosaurs are pretty retro, when you think about it

At first glance, you’d think this was just a cool LEGO creation of a dinosaur playing a guitar. And you’d be right. But as Pistash could tell you, this is also a bit of retro history in the form of a late 80’s icon. Because this is no mere musical reptile. This is Denver, the Last Dinosaur. He starred in his own animated TV series back in 1989.


Sadly, I never saw the show, but I can comment on this LEGO version. I have to admire the use of curved mudguards in the mouth, in a light-aqua color only seen in a LEGO Friends set from 2013. That same light-aqua fills in the face and the chest, contrasting nicely with the green of the main body. The organic curves of the arms are from arched and curved brick.

I may not know who Denver is, but he still looks like he’d be fun to hang out with.

2 comments on “Dinosaurs are pretty retro, when you think about it

  1. Benjamin von Sück

    “Denver! The last dinosaur!
    He’s my friend and a whole lot more!”

    Uh… that theme song sounds weird now that I’m an adult…

  2. m19

    Ha! Nice, and instantly recognizable.

    This is one of those theme songs I’ll catch me singing to myself randomly as I’m wandering around the house, despite not having seen the show in 30 years.

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