Conversion Van Conversion

Sometimes the best inspiration for a custom LEGO Creation is an official LEGO set. When 1saac W. saw the brown van in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame Final Battle set, he knew he had to have one – but in classic black with stylish pin stripes. In addition to the color swap, there’s some more subtle upgrades that make the model even more accurate to the real 1970s Ford Econoline: a round window in the back, an exhaust pipe just behind the rear wheel, and even door handles made from minifigure roller skates. I bet if we could see inside there’d be some stylish shag carpeting and a rocking 8-track player.

1972 Ford Ecoline street van (76192 mod)

4 comments on “Conversion Van Conversion

  1. Spanky

    Aloha! I just thought of Magnum P.I. when I saw those colours. His friend, the helicopter pilot drives a van with those colours. Even his helicopter have ’em, right?!

  2. Jimmy

    Y’all should have a contest for MOCs of this van, it’s a great starting point and could be a lot of fun!


  3. Jimmy

    @Spanky TC’s van was a VW (“forward control” style with doors in front of the front wheels) and had diagonal stripes sort of like this but more and with different main body colors.

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