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Greyscale villa is anything but monotone

I’m not sure if Bernopi is an architect or not, but his LEGO villa certainly looks like it was designed by one. With a greyscale colour scheme, clean lines and a hint of International Style, this is my kind of house.  I love the tilted roofs that add interest to the box-like style of construction and the main stairs are enticingly simple in appearance.  The only LEGO colours used are Black, White, Medium Stone Grey and Dark Stone Grey but the different textures and angles ensure that this creation is aesthetically intriguing and attractive.

I imagine this to be a home with minimalistic interior that is easy to keep tidy. We will  have to use our imagaintion as there are no interior images just the views through the window.

An artistic view of Italy, painted in bricks.

We have been enjoying a taste of Italy in a series of  photographs by  brickexplorer on Instagram. First we take in the view of a gondolier cruising along the famous canals of Venice. I love the combination of natural elements (be that water, sky or earth) with LEGO built surroundings.

Next, let’s stroll through the narrow cobbled streets in the old town.  A gatto is eyeing up a crossaint while some washing dries in the sun, what a peaceful scene.

Finally, as the sun goes down, it’s time to relax and enjoy some freshly made stone baked pizza. The lights inside the pizzeria make it seem so inviting,  I’m not sure how far people travel to enjoy theis infamous pizza, it looks like a rocket has just landed on the left.

Easter Bunny Minifigure 5005249 [Review]

For a couple of years now, LEGO has been re-issuing some of the more popular minifigure characters as separate custom box sets. This began with the re-issue of the Chicken Suit Guy from Collectible Minifigure Series 9 and we later had the Gingerbread Man from Series 11 for Christmas. The most recent characters are a somewhat off-season Cave Man and Cave Woman similar to those from Series 1 and Series 5, respectively.

This year we get something a little different and unique altogether: 5005249 Easter Bunny Hut with a new character similar to the Bunny Suit Guy from Series 7. Make no mistake, the original Bunny Suit Guy is still one very hot collectible and sought after figure, so it’s quite interesting to see that this re-issue takes a different direction with new prints but keeping the same head accessory.

Click here for a closer look at the Easter Bunny

Midi-scale minifigures from a galaxy far far away

The classics are always a favourite of mine and they never go out of style. Star Wars fan Miro Dudas takes a pick of some of the famous characters from various scenes of the original trilogy to build medium scaled versions of their minifigure constructs. We’ve got the whole family together, and then some, from Lord Vader, to the twins Luke and Leia, and the dynamic duo Han and Chewie. My favourite of the lot is controversial scene of Han Solo and Greedo showdown, what’s yours?

Rebel Pilot Luke

Click here to see the rest of the characters!

Truckin’ can be lonesome in a minifigure scale truck

Building vehicles in minifigure scale is not always an easy task. Minifigures themselves are an odd shape – short and wide. In the LEGO world, adaptations have to be made, especially when it comes to vehicles that need minifigures to side side-by-side. This truck by Calin solves the problem by giving the impression of the correct height but only fitting one minifigure in the front seat. Frank seems content to drive his old tan truck on his own, he prefers it that way.

The Old Truck

Calin says he was inspired in some ways by de-marco’s collection of vehicles. We highlighted a few, and their instructions if you take a peek on our free instructions for custom models area, just select de-marco under the builder tab.

A utopian place to call home

Life can be busy and sometimes we need to find a place that allows us to relax and unwind. Rather than search high and low for that special place, Milan Sekiz has built his own sanctuary with LEGO bricks.  This tranquil scene is beautiful,  with its soothing colour scheme and some very nice natural features in the garden. I love the way the colour combination of the leaves tone in nicely with the sloping roofs of the home in the background.


My own favourite part of the scene is the little stream and the cleverly constructed bridge connecting the stone path. Milan has used different coloured plates under the transparent light blue tiles to give the impression of a textured river bed.


There’s only one minor part of the scene that kicked me from my tranquil, meditative state; the combination of the yellow minifigures and flesh has a jolting effect on my irritable nerve.

Soldiering on amongst the trees of Ardennes in 1945

The Battle of the Bulge was the German’s last offensive of World War II. Although it initially caught Allied forces off guard, especially in the heavily wooded Ardennes region, it proved to be a major disaster for Germany that hastened its inevitable demise. Dunedain98 has build a wintry scene from this battle that depicts American soldiers preparing to attack an StuG III Assault Gun alongside a derelict, battle-damaged home.

Ardennes - 1945

A view closer down to the action from minifigure eye-level really shows off the atmosphere with the snow-laden trees and the offensive anticipation in the air. Continue reading

Hercules’ fourth labour is anything but boaring

In Greek mythology, Hercules was sentenced to serving King Eurystheus for twelve years after killing his family in a fit of god-induced madness. Part of his punishment required Hercules to perform twelve seemingly impossible tasks, and Bob DeQuatre has created the fourth task in LEGO bricks. His snowy creation sets the scene with the large, aggressively dark Erymanthian Boar standing on high and  a rather more diminutive looking Hercules facing up to his opponent. The composition is well thought out with the temple subtly built away from the main action on the left. I love the landscaping with rocks, snow and a stream frozen into an icy cascade on the right.

Hercules and the Erymanthian Boar

Taking a closer look at the boar also reveals some nice sculpturing to achieve his muscular form. I appreciate the thought that has gone into creating a realistic landscape, notice the ground underneath the tree is devoid of snow thanks to the leafy umbrella of protection above.

Hercules and the Erymanthian Boar

Tiny Metal Slug builds you can make for a few quarters

The Metal Slug series of games has some stand out features, and the small vehicles in them have always been a favourite. While we’ve seen some  previous attempts at recreating these vehicles, especially the titular Metal Slug tank, we have never seen them crafted on such a small scale. wing hong chan has created four instantly recognisable builds from the games.

Logo moc metal slug 機甲The central mech actually fits a full minifigure, and there’s an impressive side build with the “IN” instruction and red arrow.  Aside from the three above,  there’s also the jet which, like the mech, fits a minifigure.

Moc Lego metal slug 戰鬥機

Case Closed: The investigation on Mulder and Scully and their LEGO minifigures [Feature]

This iconic photo of two top-billing Hollywood stars holding their minifigs has been making the rounds in the LEGO-sphere, re-shared and re-surfacing regularly over the past couple of years. Our curiosity got the better of us… Was it a conspiracy from the LEGO Group? Was it a tease of an upcoming X-Files theme? So much mystery from this single photo. So many questions. We know the TRUTH IS OUT THERE, so we decided to do some digging.

Mulder and Scully with Mulder and Scully!

Click to read more on our very own investigation

Prepare for winter by building your own LEGO snowcat [Instructions]

Winter is coming! Well, unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere of course. I’m thinking about those cold, frosty mornings; wearing hats and scarves; Chris McVeigh’s annual Christmas decoration builds; and snow. de-marco has been building a lovely collection of minifigure-scale vehicles, and we thought a snowcat tracked vehicle would be perfect for the coming season.


The instructional video can be seen below and de-marco has created a list of parts required to build your own snowcat.

As I saw the enemy closing in, I pulled out my Luger for one final stand....

Have you ever watched a movie about a “bad guy”, but by the end of the movie, despite the terrible things he has done, you almost want him to get away? That is exactly how I feel while looking at this World War 2 scene by ~J2J~ depicting the final stand of a German tanker as American troops close in. The builder does an excellent job of telling a story with one small scene by coordinating small details throughout. The fire, smoke, a dead German soldier in the background — all allow us to accurately infer the sequence of events that likely led to this moment, making the scene quite dramatic and emotion evoking.

Final Stand