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LEGO City 60202 People Pack – Outdoor Adventures revealed [News]

People packs are meant to complement City sets to add more life and scenes with characters and activities. The first 60134 Fun in the Park – City People Pack released in 2016 was quite a hit with the introduction of a long-awaited baby minifigure, and last year’s version, Fun at the Beach, featured lots of beach activities. This year’s pack, 60202 People Pack – Outdoor Adventures, features a new set of minifigures doing everyday things with an outdoor adventure theme, such as camping, hiking, and rafting. There are a few new interesting elements to watch out for including a baby carrier and a bald eagle. Consisting of 164 parts, we’re expecting it to cost $39.99 USD, as the previous version did.

60202 Outdoor Adventures Box Art

60202 Outdoor Adventures Rafting

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