Spiderman Advanced Suit revealed as Diego Comic-con 2019 LEGO Marvel Exclusive [News]

LEGO just revealed the Spiderman Advanced Suit minifigure as the Marvel Exclusive Minifigure that will be available at San Diego 2019 Comic Con. The Advanced Suit was designed for the successful Playstation 4 Spiderman game released in 2018.  There’s no information on how one can obtain these at the moment at the event.

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4 comments on “Spiderman Advanced Suit revealed as Diego Comic-con 2019 LEGO Marvel Exclusive [News]

  1. gomek

    Get ready to bend over Lego and Playstation fans! You get to either be left out or pay for some scalpers ticket to SDCC. Yeah, let the fleecing of completists commence!

    Oh, and for the rest of you, please just be happy with supporting Chinese knock-offs. The quality is getting better and with all the exclusives coming out they’ll have a lot to offer. What’s even better is they will actually be wiling to take your money.

  2. R

    After being fairly angry about this, I noticed one glaring omission from the minifigure: arm printing. Perhaps this is a way for LEGO to make this more available later by adding that to differentiate it from the SDCC exclusive. Kind of like the Boba Fett Brickheadz.

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