Not all those who off-road are lost

Decked out in sponsor stickers, and sporting a nifty black and yellow paint job, Ian Ying‘s latest LEGO Technic vehicle is a cracker — a beefy buggy of a 4×4 off-roader. With its fat wheels, roll cage, and striking colour scheme, I can just imagine this baby roaring across the dunes in Baja, or maybe taking on the Paris-Dakar Rally.

LEGO Technic Off-Roader Pull-Back Motor

This is one of those LEGO models which looks just as good from the rear, especially in this low-angle shot, which gives the vehicle the impression of being packed with engine grunt. That’s not too far off the mark here, as Ian has built a Technic Pull-Back motor into the heart of this model, giving it a nifty turn of speed.

LEGO Technic Off-Roader Pull-Back Motor

(One small niggle — the spare tyre is different from the rest. But that’s nit-picking at an otherwise excellent build.)

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