A trio of epic mechs

If you were to create mechs based on your favorite LEGO minifigures, which would you chose? For Steven Howard, he’s picked three that would top the lists of many people, especially when they look this cool. And I’ve gotta say, the setting sun backdrop and shadows showcase them well. They look like they stomped straight out of the LEGO Movie. But they’re even better up close…


The Hotdog Guy is a classic. If you’re going to collect costume minifigures, it would probably be a sin not to have this fig among them. His mech could possibly be the most iconic for it’s silliness. Using sausages for giant fingers is a nice touch. And what would a hotdog be without its condiments? Just sad. 

Hotdog Mecha from "Boss Battle / It's Time to Level Up"

A minifigure collection is also not complete without a pirate. And after the recent release of LEGO Ideas 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay, we’re all feeling a little nostalgic. Perhaps this could be Captain Redbeard’s “other” ride. I love the shaping of this ship, but that wave is arguably the best part.

Pirate Ship Mecha from "Boss Battle / It's Time to Level Up"

Finally we’ve got my main man! There will always be a special place in my heart for Benny and the rest of the classic space crew. And apparently Steven agrees. This rocket is sleek and playfully shaped. It’s all kinds of cool and adorable, but like the pirate ship mech, one of the best parts is the base. You have to admit that exhaust cloud is pretty rad.

Benny's Rocketship Mecha from "Boss Battle / It's Time to Level Up"

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