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Motorized Lego Tachikoma

Peer Kreuger (mahjqa) brings the finest examples of the wonders achieved with Power Functions. His Tachikoma think tank from Ghost in the Shell not only walks but also rolls and steers. In addition it features moving eyes and arms, all packed in a compact and beautiful design. Visit Flickr for more photos including pictures of the chassis.


The best Technic arm...hands down.

Max Shepherd, a biomedical engineering major, doesn’t normally build with LEGO but when he does, it is really awesome. This fully articulated technic arm is quite incredible. I’m really impressed at how well it mimics the range and motion of a human arm and hand.

I also found this quote rather interesting.

I started following some Lego blogs, and realized that with the new stuff out (power functions, linear actuators, more connectors), there was a real opportunity to do something new.

It would be cool to know which blogs he has been following. I know we don’t highlight as much Technic, Power Functions and Mindstorms items as we should, but the blogs that do cover such things are quite good.

Read the entire story here.

Lego Gears of War Lancer Assault Rifle with firing action and motorized saw blade

This life-sized Gears of War Lancer Assault Rifle by PLUM B already got the looks to fit a COG soldier, but it also features a clip-fed firing mechanism that shoots rubber bands – perfect for taking out the paper Locust horde. If that’s not enough, the saw blade on the front of the gun is motorized for slice and dice action. See it all in the video below:

The Carnival is in town!

Matija Grguric takes us back to the Wild West with this fun carnival scene. But the crown jewel of this diorama isn’t the crowded carnival atmosphere, the bank robbers or the western buildings, though all of those are very nice. What really makes it stand out is the fact that it is powered. Who doesn’t like motorized dancing girls?

Western Carnival


Tyler and I are proud to present our second collaborative display called Oasis, built for Brickworld 2011. This 5′ X 7′ project was completed from April to June and contains approximately 25,000 pieces. It was inspired by the idea of a spinning wheel towering above a pool of moving water. The story goes that long after the humans have abandoned their planet and consumed its resources, the robots left behind have created a new paradise from the desert. You can learn more about the backstory by following our teasers.

Like our previous collaboration, Containment, Oasis also features lights, motion, and music. Enjoy the video.

Massive Tow Truck Attack

Yet again we should thank our Technic guest blogger Peer Kreuger (mahjqa) for this one.

If you’re interested in technic, you should know about Sariel. He’s a very productive builder, who takes his time to document his building process and share his techniques. He’s also equally proficient at both system and technic building. So if we’re talking about lots of functionality crammed inside a single unit, it’s probably best to mention his latest creation:

The complete story (and it’s a big one) can be read here. And if you want to see it all at work, better check this out:

Sure, the video takes it’s sweet time, and we’ve seen the Black CatTroll Assault Wagon before. Still, this is a worthy upgrade and a magnificent build.

EDIT: As Paul mentions below this is not actually based on the Black Cat, it’s based on the Troll Assault Wagon. Or at least that’s how I read his comment ;)

Articulated Bus by Veeborg

A commuter bus seems like a pretty good summary of the last few months of my life, except this working articulated bus by Vibor Cavor (Veeborg) is so much cooler than anything I’ve been riding.

LEGO Veeborg Articulated Bus

So worth checking out the rest of his photoset of this bus since he goes into such detail about the interior workings. The doors open and everything.