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Technic Pneumatic V8 Hot Rod, 1/8 scale

Consider, for a moment, if you will, the not-so-humble hot rod chassis. Builder Green Gecko Lego Technic Workshop certainly did with their “Lego Technic Pneumatic HOT ROD Chassis.” This Technic model features independent front suspension, precision pneumatic steering, solid axle rear suspension, and even a working V8 engine with realistic sound and revving.

Green Gecko has posted a video of the complete hot rod that includes body panels, a mean-looking front grille, opening doors, and chromed pipes. This video also shows the custom controller for the full remote control car, which includes a pair of cylinders that control the steering and a pneumatic switch to control the engine.

Take a look at Green Gecko’s YouTube channel for more detailed custom Technic models.

Pneumatic powered cargo lifter

Yes, we like Mechs on The Brothers Brick, and I know we just posted some great ones just a few days ago, but this Heavy Loading Mech by Evan (LegoJunkie) is just too cool to pass up:

AP 35-T Cargo Lifter.

Set in the far future where Mega-corporations run rampant and these monster mechs are necessary to stock shelves. While Evan brings us a really unique mech and background story, but what makes this go from cool to LEGO-Movie-Awesome are the pneumatic functions he puts in:

Check out the full story and more pics here