First pictures of the new LEGO City trains with new Power Functions elements [News]

LEGO City is growing especially rapidly this year, and while citizens enjoy hiking and rafting or busy making a doctor’s appointment, the new trains are arriving – 60197 Passenger Train and 60198 Freight Train. Both look very fresh and include some brand new Power functions elements, which we can’t wait to play with!

60197 Passenger Train | €129.99

60198 Freight Train | €129.99

These two sets will introduce at least one new Power Function piece – a re-designed speed remote control. We’re not sure if the new system will be IR based like the previous one, but we hope to find it out very soon.


6 comments on “First pictures of the new LEGO City trains with new Power Functions elements [News]

  1. Jon

    InterCity 125! Not quite as nice as the TGV, but a nice addition to a rail yard with it.

  2. John

    The metro train looks much better with the added stickers. The cargo set is just awful. When they finally give us a log car its just a plain flatbed with 3 logs… I know these are supposed to be for kids but even an 8 year old would think its stupid. I think Lego will get a surprise with 60198 sales.

  3. GJBricks

    I really like the passenger train for one that’s not a complete brick build. Might be adding this to my CITY. I like the colour scheme. Definitely, one to pick up when it’s discounted.
    Really hoping LEGO see sense and start to add more Train sets like stations and vehicles. I miss the golden age of LEGO Trains badly.

  4. Loki69darren

    Eugene, I know yeah on the box it shows more than one fork on the box which should be greyed out but isn’t.

  5. Ryan

    The cargo train sales will be a disaster. There is really nothi nice about it at all. Only car you can double up is the log car which is a disappointment in itself. I have mulitples of the last 4 city cargo sets but will not buy any of these. The metro train looks great at least, I’ll be getting 2 of them.

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