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Well I guess technically fuchsia. Regardless, this R-Type by [email protected] is downright wonderful and very unique representation of the source. The exposed mechanical components coupled with the brilliant colouring make this incredibly fun to look at. It also helps that I find it reminiscent of one of my favourite LEGO starfighters of all time, Max Braun’s Nayvyr PSX-6.2.


Here is the full photoset.

R-Round Up

Being almost at the half way point of the R-Type & Beyond starfighter build challenge, we have seen a very nice assortment of brilliant builds of all sizes shapes and colours.

Here is a quick round up of my favourites so far.

Shannon Ocean brings his retro space style with this rockin’ entry.
R-Type Advocate-class starfighter

Pasukaru76 has been churning out a tonne of builds in both micro and minifig scales, but this colourful addition has to be one of favourites.
R-17W Wave Shaper

Mike Yoder blows it out of the water with this behemoth.
R-Type Sparrowhead

Pierre E Fieschi created perhaps the most colourful entry so far, and it works so well on all levels.
R-Type G3 Grizzly

HatRabies has been keeping pace with Pascal on the number of submissions with a continuing variation of a micro R-Type…with each post they get better and better.
Keep the purple? Lose the purple?

There are plenty more brilliant creations, so please head on over to the submission thread if you haven’t already checked it out.

You still have a little over 2 weeks to join in on the fun…hopefully by that time I will have mine done too.

R-Type & Beyond

Just a quick announcement.

For the first time in nearly 2 years, we at the Starfighters Group are having a monthly build challenge. This month’s theme was suggested by Shannon Sproule and is quite simple; just build a starfighter based on or inspired by the iconic video game series R-Type.

So if you are interested in partaking in the fun, just head on over to the discussion thread, we’d be happy to have you as part of our Space Corps!

R-Type Build Challenge

More than meets the Starfighter

F1-3s Gannet TSFThis all started with an email from Peter Morris a few months back which basically said that we should really be building starfighters that transform. Coincidently I had been thinking about the same thing for some time already, especially since I had tried several times in the past to do it. Any attempt I did make either ended in failure, or resulted in a model that was too delicate and fiddly to actually play with. And in my house LEGO that can’t actually be played with has no place. So with Peter’s kick in the pants incentive I figured I would give it a shot. But this time I was going to make it overly simple (is that even a thing?). I didn’t want complicated transformation sequences, and I didn’t really care to hide the fact that it transforms when in fighter mode.

This was an incredibly fun build, and one that was a hoot to develop…also totally got the kidlets in on the brainstormin’. The end result is incredibly satisfying to both swoosh and transform.

F1-3s Gannet TSF

I already have ideas and prototypes for other transforming builds…a tank is in the works and I have ideas for aircraft and other assorted vehicles as well.

T-6 Iron Venom by Nate DeCastro

There’s often a glut of fairly similar (though often awesome) starfighters each year during Novvember, so it’s nice to see a great fighter outside that box. Nathan DeCastro brings us this excellent “T-6 Iron Venom” with beefy engines and formidable armaments.


The “Iron Venom” is a variation on Nate’s contribution to the Starfighter Telephone Game, in which builders send each other a LEGO starfighter to inspire the next build in the chain.

Nate was lucky enough to receive his inspiration from Mark Stafford (his Duodon, featured here a couple months ago). Here’s Nate’s “Duolos” fighter, on the right, alongside Mark’s “Duodon”:

Birds Of A Feather

Next up in the game, master starfighter designer Peter Morris!

Duodon T-4 starfighter by nabii

There’s a reason pretty much everything Mark Stafford (lego_nabii) builds is blogworthy. After all, he’s talented enough to design sets for LEGO. Thankfully, he doesn’t keep all that talent hidden behind closed doors, and continues to post his own LEGO models. His latest is a wonderful starfighter with an interesting color contrast between the front and back, with great greebles in between.


This Catoblepas can fly in space

I’ll always remember Catoblepas as a big horned beast in various Final Fantasy games over the years, but Shamisenfred puts an entirely different image to the name with his strange starfighter, “the bounty hunter Assa-Rak’s personal ship.” The four hover-pods make the ship look a bit like a race car, and the purple pods from the new Galaxy Squad sets make an excellent … whatever that is.

"CATOBLEPAS" Assa-Rak personal ship