Built for the fearless adventurer

Spaceship! I will always react that way to any swooshable model starcraft. Builders love to show off their knowledge of the LEGO system by the way they mold and craft the shapes of their starships. In addition, the eye-catching detail, or greeble, they add shows off some of their brick collection as well as their ingenuity in representing the elements of a spaceship. In this wonderful model, Starfighter Intrepid, builder seb71 shows off some of their skill.

Having a history of well-crafted spaceships, seb71 has brought us an eye-catching, sand-green design highlighted with white plates and tiles built cleverly into the wings and body. If you look at the structure of the Intrepid closely, you can see the various orientations the builder used to achieve their desired design. The stickers seb71 used add just the right amount of extra detail. I love the large white slopes in the wings, often used in the Imperial Shuttle sets. They work perfectly with the structure as well as the color-blocking.

Starfighter Intrepid

The engines and the guns on the Intrepid seem well suited for zero-G warfare. The builder chose to use various Technic and figure pieces to model them and I have to say it was a great choice. Some of these pieces are very obscure and hard to find while others were added to the system in the Bionicle era and are still used today. All of them add a level of detail to the model that would be difficult to build. The ribbing, vents, and molded lines of the pieces give an element of realism to an already well-built model.

Starship Intrepid

Take a peek below and you’ll find a few more great pieces and stickers that really step the detail up. Keen eyes will also note the upside building technique used to attach the sand-green slopes and tiles to the bottom of the body. The landing gear is also visible under stickered hatches which allow them to fold down. Elements like this, as well as the engines and guns, are what remind me of the ships from No Man’s Sky. This starfighter is very similar to the ships popular in systems frequented by the warfaring Vy’keen. The Intrepid could honestly be a ship I’d buy in the hangar of a space station, take out for a spin around the local system, and then tear up some sentinels or collect a bounty.

Starfighter Intrepid

Whether you’re taking on some marauders after your chromatic metals or flitting from system to system mining and trading, I’m sure seb71’s starfighter Intrepid would make for a trustworthy ship for your journey. Fall down the rabbit hole of the wonderful world of spaceships and set out in the galaxy.