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In space, no one can hear you “swoosh.”

Over the past few years, Rob Damiano has been building up a believable world around his Classic Space-inspired Nova Team. We have featured his work before and were pleasantly surprised to see this lovely Nova Team star-fighter. In a nod to the Classic Space ship numbering system, Rob named his star-fighter the LL-824 Paladin, and it is clad in the iconic blue, gray and trans yellow colors. It looks incredibly fun and swooshable. However, what really makes Rob’s work stand out is his photography, which utilizes a mix of practical effects and digital editing. While the Paladin is great, the setting and lighting help bring it life. It is reminiscent of the lively scenes found in LEGO product catalogs of the 1980s and 1990s, which also happen to be one of Rob’s sources of inspiration.

Twilight Run in the Paladin

Confronted with an enemy from outer space

It’s always fun when we find builds that come with a little bit of a story. This scene, “Alliance Against the Invader,” by Jon Stead, is one of those builds. According to Jon, the year is 1178 and a medieval kingdom has been rocked by an object falling from the sky. A flaming saucer smashes into the forest and the alien invader it contains is ready to kill. Now it’s time for warring factions to come together to fight the beast and save the kingdom!

Alliance Against the Invader MOC - 19

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A small but mighty Destiny

This sleek craft by CK-MCMLXXXI is a study in symmetry. Not only left to right along the central axis, as is more common in spaceship design, but also top to bottom. It feels like that solid white canopy at the front, combined with that 45-degree wedge plate was the central element to inspire this design. Regardless of where the idea came from, this craft is jammed with great greebly bits in a variety of colors, some really nice connections, and plenty of curved elements that give the vessel a refined, yet functional look.


They come from space...in swarms

Some say they’re bloodthirsty ravagers, others say they’re just a pestilence upon the galaxy. Whatever the case, we can agree that the Spaskito, the stringing-est spaceship to ever buzz your planet, is terrifying, with a huge blaster and six wing spikes. Built by F@bz, this little craft makes great use of the Nexo Knights hexagons (aka Nexagons) for shields on the ship’s sides. It’s got a cockpit just large enough for a single minifigure–or is it a minibug?

Spaskito (01)

Despite the clean, aggressive-looking front, the builder has worked in some great greebling in back with a much more old-school approach to engine technology.

Spaskito (03)

Blaze the stars in the Space Battleship Yamato

Resurrected from its ocean grave after an apocalyptic event in the year 2199, Japan’s famous WWII battleship became an unlikely spaceship in the classic anime Star Blazers. Builder marchetti36 has masterfully recreated it in microscale, giving it a nifty display base and a fleet of smaller craft.

Despite the relatively small scale, there are lots of great touches of detail. One of the best is the design for the space battleship’s bridge, which consist of trans-neon green 1×1 plates turned sideways and set on an angle.

Space Battleship Yamato 008

Take time to smell the orchids

I guess there aren’t many orchids in space, but the ones out there would probably look like the StarOrkyD by F@bz. Its floral inspiration with thin, curved surfaces is highly visible, and the spaceship seems to have a bit of a Star Wars’ B-wing fighter look to it.

StarOrkyD (01)

There is a lot of detail to love here, from obvious things like the bulbous cockpit and nicely flowing curves, but there are some more subtle ones too. Light gray antenna pieces have their tips hidden within the bottom side of a brick to look like very thin tubes. The use of flag pieces at the transition into the large engine makes the shape flow very smoothly.

Head into space battles aboard the Andromeda

Large spaceships are a flagship of LEGO space creations, where “large” is generally accepted to be 100 studs in length (or honestly any other spatial dimension) — these are called capital ships or SHIPs (Super Huge Investment in Parts). For the past few years, it’s seemed like there might be fewer built throughout the year, because many people rather concentrate their efforts in the annual SHIPtember community challenge in September. So in a way, Lysander Chau‘s Battleship Andromeda is like a Christmas gift in May, and I hope your big spaceship lust is as satisfied as mine.


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I say, I think you’ve spilled some Guardians of the Galaxy in my Star Wars!

Builder aido k says he just liked the colors on this wonderful LEGO rendition of a Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-2400, but I like to think this is what the Guardians of the Galaxy’s Milano would look like if they lived in a different galaxy.

Kingfisher YT-2400

The YT-2400’s design may look familiar, as it’s a cousin to the YT-1300, whose most famous example is the Millennium Falcon. In fact, Aido was inspired by the recent UCS Millennium Falcon, and has even whipped up a lovely information plaque to accompany the ship. Although the model is still just a digitally rendered version, Aido has plans to build the model with real bricks, and it looks as if he’s been careful to use only part/color combinations that exist. Now where’s our Jedi Groot?

Kingfisher Angles

Incredible minifigure-scale LEGO model of Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced is probably the most accurate ever

LEGO builder Jarek is pretty much the undisputed king of Star Wars ships, routinely making the most accurate and gorgeously intricate vehicles from a galaxy far, far away ever to be built of bricks. He’s been on a roll lately with the Imperial Navy, starting with a TIE Fighter and TIE Interceptor, then upgrading to the heavy TIE Bomber. But now Jarek’s moved up the chain even further, to Darth Vader’s personal spacecraft, the prototype TIE Advanced.

Darth Vader's TIE/x1 Advanced

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A beautiful hunk of bulk hanging out in outer space

This bulky spaceship by Nick Trotta, called Ataraxis has caught me completely off guard. I am used to seeing unique LEGO spaceships with a handful of unique ideas and shapes associated with them, but this one is in a completely different class. Of course Nick is one of the best space builders out there, but even so his latest work is incredible. No wonder, as the builder has spent the past four months worth of weekends on it.


There are countless angles and lines all around the spaceship that just a list of them would be too long to be read in a reasonable time. Nick seems to be able to capture any shape and detail that would cross his mind, to a degree that it looks as if he was designing LEGO bricks specifically for this creation. This effect might also originate from the disproportionate amount of newer elements, of which most builders only have a handful and can not use in ways Nick did. My all-around favourite part is the most subtle detail in the build though; on a few spots, you can see jagged edges of grill 1×2 bricks showing, which just seems to make sense.

Ataraxis: Details

For an even greater appreciation of the build, you can see the pictures that inspired it.

Microscale multi-purpose cargo shuttle

LEGO dropships are a favorite subject for many sci-fi fans of both movies and video games. While this particular model by Oscar Cederwall is original, it does seem to take some inspiration from the dropship featured in Aliens, which also includes a deployable vehicle.

"Edison" - White Star Multi Purpose Cargo Shuttle

The craft features some heavy-duty thrusters, along with great color accents like the orange stripes. A mini-drone, cargo, and a vehicle with some nice details like steering, round out the scene. Some Modulex pieces make great stand-ins for cargo pods.

"Edison" - White Star Multi Purpose Cargo Shuttle

To the moon and back again

Giving a fresh new twist on the classic LEGO grey-and-blue space theme, this shuttle by Horcik Designs is a perfect example of what fans like to call Neo-Classic Space. Despite its relatively small size, the shuttle seats two minifigures abreast in the trans-yellow clad cockpit, and the addition of lots of stickers adds a bit of extra flair that makes this spacecraft feel more industrial.


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