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A beautiful hunk of bulk hanging out in outer space

This bulky spaceship by Nick Trotta, called Ataraxis has caught me completely off guard. I am used to seeing unique LEGO spaceships with a handful of unique ideas and shapes associated with them, but this one is in a completely different class. Of course Nick is one of the best space builders out there, but even so his latest work is incredible. No wonder, as the builder has spent the past four months worth of weekends on it.


There are countless angles and lines all around the spaceship that just a list of them would be too long to be read in a reasonable time. Nick seems to be able to capture any shape and detail that would cross his mind, to a degree that it looks as if he was designing LEGO bricks specifically for this creation. This effect might also originate from the disproportionate amount of newer elements, of which most builders only have a handful and can not use in ways Nick did. My all-around favourite part is the most subtle detail in the build though; on a few spots, you can see jagged edges of grill 1×2 bricks showing, which just seems to make sense.

Ataraxis: Details

For an even greater appreciation of the build, you can see the pictures that inspired it.

Microscale multi-purpose cargo shuttle

LEGO dropships are a favorite subject for many sci-fi fans of both movies and video games. While this particular model by Oscar Cederwall is original, it does seem to take some inspiration from the dropship featured in Aliens, which also includes a deployable vehicle.

"Edison" - White Star Multi Purpose Cargo Shuttle

The craft features some heavy-duty thrusters, along with great color accents like the orange stripes. A mini-drone, cargo, and a vehicle with some nice details like steering, round out the scene. Some Modulex pieces make great stand-ins for cargo pods.

"Edison" - White Star Multi Purpose Cargo Shuttle

To the moon and back again

Giving a fresh new twist on the classic LEGO grey-and-blue space theme, this shuttle by Horcik Designs is a perfect example of what fans like to call Neo-Classic Space. Despite its relatively small size, the shuttle seats two minifigures abreast in the trans-yellow clad cockpit, and the addition of lots of stickers adds a bit of extra flair that makes this spacecraft feel more industrial.


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UCS-scale LEGO Cylon Raider from Battlestar Galactica

In the 2003 re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica, the Cylon Raider is the main attack fighter used by the Cylons. One of the most striking differences between the original model from the 1998 series and the newer model is the crescent shape with forward leading wings and the large eye slit with a red light going across in the cockpit position. David Duperron has built his second UCS-scale ship from Battlestar Galactica with this hugely impressive Cyclon Raider  based on the newer version and captured in LEGO form.  The model is made of 3253 LEGO pieces, with a total length of 66,5cm (~83 studs) and a width of 45,0cm (~56 studs).

Cylon Raider UCS

Click here to see more views of this amazing model

Flying this ship is as easy as Aurek, Besh, Cresh

Aurebesh is the writing system in Star Wars used to transcribe Galactic Basic, one of the most used languages in the galaxy. It first appeared in the 1983 movie Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, but it was expanded into an alphabet by Stephen Crane of West End Games for gamers to use when playing Star Wars video games. Jake RF has created a starfighter that resembles the letter Enth (shaped like a backwards E and pronounced /Æ/) in the Aurebesh alphabet. There’s a lot of nice textures going on here, and the colour scheme works well to make this a believable Star Wars ship.

Enth-Wing StarfighterJake RF shared some work-in-progress views and the original concept artwork.  It’s not often we are able to get insights into the design process of a model and it is interesting to see.

Enth Fighter Design Process

Float like a dragonfly, sting like a viper

We are over halfway through Novvember, but there’s still plenty of time to build a Vic Viper and honour the late Nate “Nnenn” Nielsen. This particular Vic Viper by Andreas Lenander not only depicts a beautifully futuristic craft, but also manages to highlight one of my favourite colours.  The use of Medium Azure really makes this an eye-catching build and those double lateral wings at the rear are definitely sending dragonfly vibes my way.

Dragonfly - vic viper

As always, it’s the little extras that make a build really stand out and in this build the greebled pipes plus the use of hockey sticks on the prongs are fantastic additions.

Harvesting the worlds of space

The end of the annual SHIPtember build challenge need not portend the end to excellent large-scale LEGO spaceships. Rat Dude also proves that gray need not be the only utilitarian color for LEGO spaceships with the Yaga Ni’Kurwa in gorgeous blue and brown. The spots of red, orange, and yellow certainly add visual interest, but the designs are actually quite complex — particularly the sheaf of wheat indicating the vessel’s role in interstellar agribusiness.

Yaga Ni'Kurwa by Rat Dude on Flickr

It’s unfortunate that the builder has only posted this one photo — I want to see the massive engines on the back that power this grain freighter through the stars.

Time to activate your hyperdrive and build The Ghost from Star Wars Rebels [Instructions]

As Star Wars fans will know, the Ghost was piloted by Hera Syndulla and was the starship and home base of a small band of Lothal rebels. She was named for her ability to travel past Imperial sensors without detection. If you missed out on buying LEGO’s 75053 The Ghost before it retired, then this beautifully designed microscale version by Inthert is well worth building.

Microscale Ghost

The simple breakdown instructions show just how well this microscale Ghost has been designed.

See the step-by-step instructions for building your own LEGO Ghost

A singularly great ship called Prometheus

Ashes of the Singularity is a real-time strategy game set in a future where the technological Singularity and advanced “Post Humans” wage war against each other for the resource Turinium. Gilcelio Chagas has built a LEGO version of the Prometheus, a Post-Human Coalition capital ship that features in the game. The shaping of this ship is fantastic with the colour blocks of red providing a perfect highlight. There’s a lot of weaponry on show with imposing turrets and guns visible throughout the ship.


I love the angled slope of the hull and the red highlights, but my favourite detail is definitely the use of the wheel rims and light blue interior along the outer edges of the ship. Are these for power? weapons? steering? No idea, but I love them.

Have I seen this spaceship somewhere before?

YT-1740 is designed to be a fast and agile light freighter, only half the size of the Millennium Falcon and shaped like an arrowhead.  Builder ZiO Chao has supplied her with three powerful engines and two pairs of long-range antenna on its sides. The builder points out that you may recognise features from other ships in the Star Wars franchise: The Defender-class light corvette from the Old Republic era, the Ghost from Rebels, and also Kylo Ren’s command shuttle from Episode VII. The red string pattern is a nod to Homeworld, and the shape of engine comes from the battleship of Gundam.

YT-1740 Arrowhead

The detailed minifigure-scale interior has everything you could wish for — a medical room in case of inter-galactic mishaps, a meeting table for planning those all important missions and a crew resting area for a cold beer and a laugh about the latest crisis. The builder has put a handy label on the locations so that we don’t get lost finding the way to the bathroom at night.

YT-1740 Arrowhead Interier

She may look like the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, but she ain’t

I don’t think Hannes Tscharner has ever taken a photo that didn’t look amazing, and his most recent YT 1300 freighter is no exception, not to mention the build is first-rate as well. The model is a take off of his original 7,500 piece Millennium Falcon build, meant to be a modified version from the same family of ships, likely used by another crew of space smuggling experts.

Heavily modified YT 1300 „Red Fox“ (Freighter Wars)

The red trim on the craft is very eye catching, and the photography is exquisite. It seems like the “Red Fox” as the builder has named it, has run into an asteroid field, perhaps trying to lose some imperial TIE fighters.

Cruise around the galaxy in sleek style

Spaceships can come in all shapes and sizes, and this build by Inthert manages to capture an unusual form with brilliant brickwork. Its organic shape makes it stand out — a beautifully curved structure, something challenging to achieve in LEGO. The key in making a great spaceship model is making one believe what it can potentially do. What sells this is not only its aerodynamic shape and the depth of functional-looking details, but enough bulk and build around the engines that it genuinely feels like it could have sufficient thrust to make warp speed.

EC21-Cruiser - 'Ellipsis' (2)

The side profile certainly gives you a sense of how curved and elegant the model looks…

EC21-Cruiser - 'Ellipsis' (Poster shot)