Send out an exploratory party like it’s 1999

Before there was Star Wars, there was Space: 1999, which told the story of the residents of a moon base blown into the unknown (along with the moon itself) by a thermonuclear explosion. The vehicle of choice for those unlucky explorers was the Eagle, rendered here in LEGO by builder klaupacius. Unlike a certain well-known Corellian freighter named after a different bird (which appeared on big screens in 1977, two years after Space: 1999), the Eagle was inspired by actual Earth-built exploratory spacecraft. This build accurately conveys the transporter’s utilitarian nature from those nuclear fusion rockets all the way to its sleek nose cone.


2 comments on “Send out an exploratory party like it’s 1999

  1. Luna

    I love the nostalgic dangling-from-strings-with-sparklers-for-engine-exhaust feel that this evokes! Smooth stud-free build too.

  2. hntrains

    It’s probably cool to remember such stories if your childhood was filled with them; also, one must feel great joy to see they have the skills and then the parts to recreate an object or a scene from a book, film, or game.
    But: do such builders also come up with original work?
    If they do, are those builds successful? Seeing how there is nothing in them to appeal to the masses other than the builder’s vision and skill.

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