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Rough seas ahead

The latest build from Gabriel Thompson (qi_tah) is this splendid sloop, suitable for either war or peace. The bow and aft curves are especially nice, and all tied together with a cheerful color scheme that adds personality to both the boat and her crew.

Gabriel even includes some satisfyingly stomach-churning wave effects with this build; you can practically smell the salt spray and the sea-sick sailors.

Hoist the sails

This beautiful ship by Swan Dutchman is an imagined frigate from the Dutch East India Company. Over a year of work was poured into the construction of this model. The builder spared no shortcuts and even hand-sewn the sails himself. The final product and the edited photo looks amazing, and there are more to be seen in the builder’s Flickr.

If you enjoyed this post, also check out Galeon Revenge by maydayartist.

Thanks for the tip Brickvalier!

Friday Night Fights (Round 35)

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another awesome round of Friday Night Fights! I was going to pick some Movie related builds to square off tonight, but much like Benny, I got distracted by spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIPS!!!

In the red corner, we have Bob DeQuatre with his Zenith SPACESHIP:
Zenith - Old Republic escort cruiser

In the blue corner, we have iomedes and his Nodens SPACESHIP:
NODENS class fast attack frigate

As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this bout by way of comment. On the last edition of Friday Night Fights, the horse race was a bit of a no show with Schfio winning by a score of 3-1. Tune in next week for another action packed edition of Friday Night Fights!

The Spirit of Fire, four years in the making

After herculean effort, Mark Kelso (Amhakia) finally unveils the massive Halo universe SHIP he began four years ago. No less impressive than the effort itself, the final product more than manages to live up to expectations.

Seven feet long and with every inch superbly detailed, this build is truly a labor of love. Head on over to the MOCpages gallery to read Mark’s thoughts on completing this marathon of a build, or head over to his flickr if you’re inclined to scroll back to the first work in progress shots from 2010.

Take to the stars with ice trawler Polynya.

sioka sculpting makes his first appearance in the ivy covered halls of TBB with a S.H.I.P. that has just about everything you could ask for: great color control, fine details like hangar bays and life-boats, powerful engines and that hard to define cool factor. One of the reason’s I was attracted to this model was that it simultaneously looks modern and old-school, like the handsome love-child of Dasnewten and Dan Jassim.

Ice trawler Polynya... Not so SHIPtember

For you trivia fans, the name polynya refers to an area of open water surrounded by sea ice. It is a Russian term полынья which refers to a natural ice hole, and was adopted in the 19th century by polar explorers to describe navigable portions of the sea.