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Hats off to this harsh landing

This hair-raising crash may have ruined Arodi Anderson’s ship but he’s survived to take revenge on those that wronged him. This scene by builder Mix the Brix makes use of some clever techniques to build a realistic desert scene on an alien world. Emerging from the wrecked starcraft, the pilot knows there’s no point looking back as the smoke rises into the barren skies above the dune sea. He’s more concerned about who shot him down.

The Crash on the Dune Sea [Quantum Lands]

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The tiny mighty Dreadnaught

A builder who goes by the name of Mix the Brix proves you don’t need a shipyard full of LEGO pieces to build an awesome battleship. This tiny model is good enough to show off the superstructure and an impressive array of cannons. I mean, check out those billowing smokestacks! Mix (can I call you Mix?) says this is their first military build and it also seems to be their first time being featured on The Brothers Brick. With wee builds this amazing, we might have to keep an eye out for whatever they may do next.

LEGO HMS Dreadnought