This massive LEGO Technic icebreaker paves its way through ice using a four-motor mechanism [Video]

Floating LEGO boats are no news; now and then, a new playset with a floating hull element appears in stores for kids to play in a bathtub or the nearest pond. These can be fun, but only if your bathtub is big enough or it’s warm enough outside. Living in the cold Russian climate, Kirill Mazurov had to develop a unique design to keep his boats sailing even when it’s 0°F (-18°C) outside. This way comes a functioning LEGO icebreaking capable of crushing thin river ice!


The boat uses one of the largest hulls LEGO has released so far, a 74×18 studs element. It houses four motors, driving the propeller and three others controlling the icebreaking mechanism.


As Kirill clarifies in the video, it’s impossible to crush ice using only the weight of the ship, as the real vessels do. Instead, he combined a mechanism for adjusting the center of mass with two bizarre crushing devices in the front. The result is impressive, to say the least!

Due to extreme weather conditions, once the ship was in the water, there was no way of lifting it without getting all the moving pieces instantly covered in ice. Thus, no repair operations were possible in mid-air!


You’ll find the complete story of the design process and extreme outdoor testing in a detailed video.