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Now you too can be a part of the RAMM Revolution!

Let’s be honest. Nick Dean has taken a certain amount of flak about how he’s managed the RAMM theme he created.

The key criticism is that Nick has only allowed certain people to build RAMM creations, with strict rules for those who do.

Nick is now opening RAMM to anybody who wants to build LEGO creations inspired by the future Royal Austrian Mechanized Military.

To celebrate the revolution, Nick is holding a RAMMtacular contest, with a custom built Kojote scout car as first prize.

The contest is open to anybody, and runs between now and September 30.

Snyderman’s alien cat

This “bionically enhanced alien cat” by Brickshelf user synderman doesn’t look like a friendly household pet, but it sure can be something to unleash on your enemies. With deadly jaws and sharp claws, this beast isn’t one to be messed with. I love how the builder captured the curvatures of the feline body in this excellent creation.

Fanging it on two wheels

Yamaha Bike by Camine

Well birthdays are lovely and all but we do have a blog to run here and pretty LEGO models to show. I spotted this beauty on Brickshelf today and was highly impressed by Camine’s fine work. There have been a bunch of good motorcycles for minifigs posted before but this is the best Japanese style bike I can remember seeing.

More LEGO Sport City details and behind-the-scenes photos from HKLUG

We recently highlighted HKLUG’s LEGO Sport City display, with huge models of the venues we’ll be seeing in the Beijing Olympics next month.

Thanks to LEGO Ambassador and HKLUG member Tsang Yiu Keung (better known as Chiukeung), we have lots more information on the models, including behind-the-scenes photos.

Chiukeung gives a sense of just how large the display is:

Venues recreated in LEGO include the National Stadium (nicknamed “The Bird’s Nest”), National Aquatics Center (“Swimming Cube”), and Olympic Village.

The finished display is certainly impressive, but the behind-the-scenes photos reveal the true scale and impressive techniques that went into the LEGO Sport City.

The iconic National Stadium was designed by Ming, an architect by trade. It took him over 100 hours to complete, and is 128×154 studs in size (that’s about 40″ x 48″). The outer shell includes thousands of hinge plates.

The National Aquatics Center was built by Vincent Cheung over the course of 120 hours, and has a three-tier design with a cell-like structure in the transparent blue walls.

The Swimming Cube is illuminated with a fluorescent lamp inside, and measures 148 by 148 studs, or 46″ on each side.

Chiukeung built the Olympic Village, which is 160 x 224 studs (50″ x 70″). Chiukeung spent 100 hours on the project.

There’s lots more to see (56 pictures in all) in the HKLUG LEGO Sport City photoset on Flickr, including the Equestrian stadium by Hudson, Greek temple by Wai Kee, and various Chinese and European buildings by Andy. The mosaic was built by Hot, who also coordinated the entire project.

If you’re in Hong Kong, you can see this LEGO display for yourself at Grand Century Place between now and August 31, 2008.

Thanks again to HKLUG and Chiukeung for the behind-the-scenes info and photos!

LEGO Star Wars Clone Wars sets and the Toys R Us Midnight Sale

iconiconFor those curious to know what went on at the Toys R Us Midnight Sale last night, I took a ride to my local store to check out the frontline action. The Midnight Sale, hosted by participating Toys R Us stores, celebrates the release of new Star Wars Clone Wars toys, such as action figures, LEGO Star Wars sets, and other miscellaneous Clone Wars items.

Participants at the event received the limited edition holographic General Grievous action figure and Clone Wars poster for their purchases.

iconiconThe picture below was taken last night at my local store near Dallas, and you can see how many people showed up. Inside the store was a marked section dedicated to all the brand new merchandise, and I’m excited to see that the LEGO Clone Wars sets dominated about a third of the space.

Almost half of the shopping carts I saw contained LEGO products. However, to my chagrin, Toys R Us has marked up prices on all of these new LEGO sets by $5-10. In the end I used coupons to purchase two Republic Gunshipsicon, definitely one of the must-have LEGO sets of the year.

If you missed this event, good news is that you didn’t miss too much.

iconiconJust today LEGO Shop at Home has listed all of the new Clone Wars sets fresh for sale. Don’t forget that your order qualifies for a free gold brick keychain with purchases over $75 until the end of July.

Here’s the full list of LEGO Star Wars Clone Wars sets available from the LEGO Shop: