Pigs on the Wing winners announced

Hi all,

After heavily delayed judging thanks to the slackness of one of the judges (sorry!) the full list of winners of PotW have finally been announced. Going backwards by class we find… drumroll…

  • Class 3 winner: Crocodile Rock by Ean H
    Crocodile Rock by Ean H
  • Class 2 winner: Arctic Cave Race by Chrispockster
    Arctic Cave Race by Chrispockster
  • Class 1 winner: RedTRCTR by Polywen
    Polywen's RedTRCTR

While the special judges choice winners are as follows:

  • Brickforge pick: Holstein’s Hope by Graviton
  • Chris’ pick: Unclear on the Concept by BecTodd
  • My pick: RedTRCTR by Polywen

And I can now debut an old MOC… the special prize for my pick is the all new Petri Racer

Petri Racer prize caveracer

And I think it is time to bury the caveracing fad once and for all.

10 comments on “Pigs on the Wing winners announced

  1. Jacob

    Oh, like all good fads, it’ll show up again every once in a while. That reminds me, I need to go build a Crimson Skies plane…

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  3. yokomode01

    a well deserved set of winners indeed!
    Love that Orca one myself, and of course Poly’s bovine was always pure WIN.
    Congratulations people!
    and Gambort you may have given birth to them, but i say –
    CaveRacers will never die!!!

  4. Ryan (DeMartinet)

    You may say it’s over, but I’m still going to make another one if I want! ;)

    (Oh, and post my Troll one sometime…)

  5. Gambort Post author

    I’m leaving the flickr group open and I’ll even cull it for rule violations once in a while but I’m a little sick of it all to be honest so any participation from me will be minimal. Of course people are free to build what they want.

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