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We all love a good LEGO Gundam or Macross mecha, but LEGO builders everywhere are also creating excellent models of their own designs. Have a look at them here.

Mechanized monstrosities

Been having peaceful nights? Pleasant dreams? Lack of waking nightmares? Luckily we have the remedy for that in these “Mecha Beasts” by dennis qiu. Usually pulling off curves is impressive, but it just freaks me out here. Looking closely you’ll see ample use of the smaller ball joints – made popular by LEGO Mixels – being used to give the monsters their hunched stance.

MOC - Mecha Beast

Make sure to check out the creator’s photo stream to see close-ups.

A Xenoblade inspired mecha

Feeling motivated by the upcoming Wii U title Xenoblade Chronicles X, Jason Corlett built his interpretation of a Heavy Skell. Those overhead cannons look like they’ll ruin someone’s day.

Heavy Skell

One of the standout features of Skells that I like are the blade-like thrust packs. The use of well integrated Bionicle blades on the thrusters complete the Xenoblade look.

Heavy Skell

One beautiful black mech

Benjamin Cheh Ming Hann brings us a new bit of mechanised walking glory with his Black Boa “Blitz” BB3 Infantry Assault Division (Type Flight Mode). Wow, both those names had a lot of words in them. Anyway, this is definitely a model you should zoom in on and appreciate the details and the fine shaping.
Black Boa "Blitz" BB3 Type Flight Mode

The evolution of a mech

kenny_yan brings us a new mech in the form of the m.k.007-01. Somehow, this mech manages to look both agile and extremely bulky at the same time.


Wonder how it was made? How the angles were pulled off and how a model like this is even created? Thankfully you’re covered by a set of progression shots that show how the build came along. It’s really interesting to see what aspects were kept and what was junked as time went on.


No job is too heavy for this mech

With his latest work, LEGOLIZE IT MAN reminds us how a proper utility mecha should look. As usual, he is at his best with all the exposed tubes, gears and pistons, which create such a plausible industrial appearance. It might seem that this walker is a little bit tired with his job, but, you know, cargo won’t move itself…


Change into LEGO champions, to save the LEGO world

We’ve featured quite a few Pokémon on The Brothers Brick before, but Digimon hasn’t gotten a lot of love (which is par for the course). To bring back a bit of the Digital World, nobu_tary brings us a fantastic rendition of WarGreymon, one of the most iconic Digimon of all time.


Sandstorm is coming

When the talk turns to awesome mechs, Simmon Kim has plenty of them. His latest diorama of a desert outpost looks quite thrilling. The combination of tan, olive and dark bluish grey makes a perfect сoloration for a military mecha, while the curved road baseplate is a nice addition to the landscape. You’d better choose another route or get ready to give battle…


LEGO Nexo Knights officially unveiled [News]

Today at the New York Comic Con, LEGO officially pulled the curtain from their newest line, Nexo Knights. A cross between Space and Castle, Nexo Knights features knights in robotic power armor riding mechanical hovering horses and driving giant vehicles. The Nexo Knights theme will be accompanied by a companion app titled Merlok 2.0, as well as a 20-episode television series chronicling the adventures of the knights. It airs in December.

LEGO Nexo Knights robotic horseLEGO Nexo Knights Fortrex (70317)
LEGO Nexo Knights logoLEGO Nexo Knights Jestro & Clay

While many of our viewers will no doubt be having flashbacks to Knights Kingdom II right about now, it looks like these sets will at the least feature a lot of new parts great for Space and Mecha builders. We also still haven’t seen the full set lineup, so keep your eyes out for the rest of the sets.

Read the full press release after the jump. Continue reading

Watch for the CLAW!

Marco Marozzi builds mecha in a very interesting style. If you page through his gallery, you’ll note long, tall torsos, and a lot of equally long arms, and very few with a humanoid head. This creation in particular shares those proportions with its Friends pilot. This latest shares those traits, and features a bulbous cockpit which I love. My eyes were additionally caught by the huge claw-grabbers this thing is sporting for “utility.”

M8 Utility Mech