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We all love a good LEGO Gundam or Macross mecha, but LEGO builders everywhere are also creating excellent models of their own designs. Have a look at them here.

Shhh, this weapon is secret

This model originally started off as a new Secret Weapon of the Luftwaffe — the latest in a series of LEGO models I’ve been building for years. However, it was one of those creations which took quite a different turn as the build progressed, and ended up quite definitely a ground vehicle — bizarre seeing as it started out as a chunky dieselpunk helicopter! Sometimes things not proceeding as planned can be frustrating, but in this case I was quite happy with the result. Besides, I figured the Wehrmacht probably deserved to have some secret weapons of its own…
Secret Weapons of the Wehrmacht
I couldn’t resist having a play around after the model photography was complete. Turns out the blueprints for this mechanical marvel fell into Allied hands at the end of the war…

Secret Weapons of the Wehrmacht

The Big O gets an appropriately massive LEGO rendition

While I may not be familiar with the anime series “The Big O” in particular, I am familiar with the “super robot” genre of giant metallic robots getting up to stuff. Usually punching though.

Two Rabbits has brought the eponymous robot, Big O, to life with a rather large build. Compared to minifigs, it’s not scaled up to be able to knock over a City skyscraper by accident, but it’s still big.


Heartlake High gets ready to rumble with mecha minidolls

Rather like Marmite, Minidolls have had a habit of dividing opinion into ‘Love them’ or ‘Hate them’  since their introduction in 2012.  I have to admit that I am normally firmly in the ‘Hate them’ camp as I much prefer the good old minifigure with its odd proportions and classic LEGO head.  Well opinions can change, as along came Eric Teo with his troop of minidoll mecha.

Purple Kiss #projectlotus47 #chapteronedaybreak

He describes these as female rangers in hardsuits and they certainly seem to have attitude with their chunky, brightly coloured suits and sporting some Exo-Force-esque hairstyles. Each character wears a similar suit but with decorative differences and armed with their weapon of choice.  There is not a hair bow nor butterfly accessory in sight!

It’s worth taking a closer look at these femme fatale rangers.

See more of these LEGO Friends mecha

Robot dragon is all fire and death

Combining two of the coolest things in the world – dragons and robots – Dennis Qui brings us the mech dragon Shiryu. This absolutely massive build is filled with some great texturing throughout. The best part of the build must be the wings. Although they’re a very simplistic build, the shades of grey provided by aged and weathered LEGO pieces gives them a nice, natural look.

Dragon Mech - Shiryu

Onward Comrades! For the Tiny Revolution!

P.B. spends his time building fabulous microscale walking tanks and artillery units. This one, in Jovian Regimental Colors no less, is a little cracker. The tank carries an impressive level of detail for such a small model — delivered through effective color blocking and a nice depth of texture. I love the use of bucket handles to add detail to the legs — I haven’t seen that before. But the undoubted stars of this show are the teeny-tiny figures — the crewman and the Commissar — effortlessly carrying off some Communist-era chic with their little red scarves. Well played Comrade PB, well played.

TU-138 with Commissar and Crewman

Built to protect and serve all through the night

Djordje is known for some really incredible LEGO figures and this night-watch Mech is no disappointment. Named Regulus after one of the brightest lights in the night sky and the brightest star in Leo, this mech stands on his own. The crisp color scheme gives the feel of a professional security detail, while the sturdy construction, over-sized revolver and no-nonsense stance let you know that this bot is up for anything. Cross him at your own risk!


Blast from the past: TDN-Mecha

Lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with LEGO’s greatest failure of all time. So much so that my wife has threatened to plan an intervention if I don’t stop. Those fans who have been around for a while know the horror of which I speak.

Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension was, and is, the worst thing ever created by The LEGO Company. The deeper you dig into it, the worse it gets. Action figures with little to no LEGO connections, a failed television show and video game, electronic figures that “interact” with said show/game and European exclusives issued to areas where the show wasn’t available. Galidor was a failure of epic proportions. However, while stomping about in the bottomless muck, I stumbled across an old jewel that we never featured here:

Created by Steve Puckett, this build features the Galidor TDN module as the cockpit of a rather awesome mecha. I can’t believe we missed this because I blogged one of his other Galidor-esque creations back in 2008. I love the amount of tech that the builder has crammed onto this Mecha and how he has managed to make the juxtaposition of Galidor and real LEGO work. It’s a thing of beauty!

Check out the whole gallery of pictures here.

Every space habitat needs an Augmented Robotic Companion

Rob has been putting together a great little series of LEGO robots, each with a different designation and function. The building techniques are good, with some smart connections and solid color choices, but it’s the presentation of the models which really sets these creations apart — detailed technical spec sheets accompany shots of the bots in action.

HZ-D4K - Data Sheet

Click to see more of the A.R.C. Bot

RoboCop and ED-209 square off at the smallest scale possible

We’ve seen many great LEGO renditions of ED-209 from RoboCop in a variety of scales, but none this small. Grantmasters has managed to make both the hulking robot as well as RoboCop himself using only a handful of pieces. We don’t have an official count but it looks to be under a dozen of LEGO’s smallest pieces.

Smaller Still

If you’re still in the mood for microscale ‘bots, check out this equally small AT-ST.

Ion and Northstar Titans on standby, signal when ready

Marius Herrmann continues to impress with his LEGO Titanfall Titan builds. Adding to a series started by Titanfall’s Stryder and the sequel’s Ronin are Ion and Northstar. First, let’s highlight Ion, a Titan specializing in distributing power to various laser abilities. Marius has built mostly lightweight Titan frames in the past, but his skills work well with a slightly more armored mech. What really caught my eye on Ion is the perfect color choices for the Splitter Rifle.

Ion (from "Titanfall 2")

Equally impressive is Marius’s model of my most played Titan frame in Titanfall 2, the hovering railgun sniper Northstar. The array of massive jump-jets, the spherical sensor package, and the rungs on each leg are my favorite details on this Titan build.

Northstar (from "Titanfall 2")

Is twelve rockets enough?

Bringing us a very shapely mech is Brother Steven with this AFS Karhu mech. There’s a lot of stocky mech goodness here mixed up with select circular elements which I really like.

Better yet is the fine shaping done near the centre using the smaller Mixel joints. These little pieces are so versatile and I hope we continue to get a steady supply of them when LEGO discontinues the theme.

AFS Karhu