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We all love a good LEGO Gundam or Macross mecha, but LEGO builders everywhere are also creating excellent models of their own designs. Have a look at them here.

All grey mech is all good

It’s easy to use too much grey. Concrete cities, old castles, giant frigates… they all make copious use of the colour. It can be overdone, but this mech by Logey Bear does it just right. Plus, there is some colour variation as it uses a lot of older pieces which still have the old shade of grey.
Neo Bohrok Mk XXII

The Jawa Sandcrawler... as a mech

Kevin Ryhal is doing extremely important work: seeing what famous characters and vehicles would look like as Mobile Suits from Gundam. We’ve already seen an X-wing get the treatment, but now it’s time for the Jawa Sandcrawler to be mechified*.

*Mechified is a word I just invented which now exists.

“I can build a mech!” says Benny

Benny has one awesome mech to go with his spaceship thanks to Martin Gee. His heavy lifting mech has just the right amount of chunkiness and detail bits to give the illusion of function for my taste.

neo classic space mech: heavy lifter + extra pair of arms for precision work

The classic space logo plate over the cockpit (which can comfortably seat Benny), matching shapes on the shoulder and thigh plates, and smaller precision arms are my favorite details here.

Three wildly different mechs

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I have for you today, in this single story, not one, not two, but three mech builds from three different builders. Together, the make quite the lovely trio!

First up is a spindly looking fellow in the form of Rv-12 Voron by legoricolaSomething about the angle of those ankle joints makes me really uncomfortable…

Next up it’s the police mech 02 by neruneruneranai which ditches the bipedal form factor of the previous build as well as (spoiler) the next. Instead we have this Tachikoma-esque wheeled design which is very nicely done.

police mech 02

Finally, Lancer Railgun by DeadCajun71, which uses one of my favourite pieces  to create a very unique shape for the cockpit area. Also: the way this mech picks up its pilot reminds me a lot of Titanfall 2, a game I’m very excited for.

Lancer Railgun

Make sure you check out each of the builders’ photostreams for more shots, as well as cockpit details to see how they managed to fit a full minifigure in each build.

“Hard Six” mech will hit your soft spot

The only thing better than alternate history is alternate history with big stompy mechs. Matt Rowntree must agree with me because his “prototype heavy walker, model 3, mark 3” (or “Hard Six” for short) certainly fits the bill as a Japanese war machine from 1949.

Hard Six

Be sure to check out Matt’s photostream for other shots including a really cool Jungle platform supply station and the fact that the nose features a sticker from LEGO set 7701 Grand Titan.

Burly LEGO mech is all set to ruin your day

Fateheart knocks it out of the park with this chunky and menacing LEGO mech. Often this kind of model can look too shiny and neat, but the mixed use of old and new gray here really adds to the sense of scale and creates a feeling that this bad boy has seen some real action.

United Earth Federation Space Arm - MA-04E2 Strike Seraphim III/IV

LEGO mechs aren’t usually my thing, but I like the beefiness of this one, and its simple stark color scheme. Topping it all off is THAT gun. Lovely stuff.

Enlightenment is here!

So, I’ve been playing Overwatch a lot, so it won’t surprise anyone that things you like inspire you, and I’ve been playing Zenyatta a LOT lately, so when I wanted to build my next MRL Mech, it had to be inspired by him, and hence, the OMH was born (or built):

MRL - Omh

It was actually a pretty fun build, and done in record time as well, for me at least. I like the purple, white and gold together — they add such a royal look — and using mixel eyes as beads was an unintentional discovery, but to see the true beauty of this build, you have to Gaze into the iris:

MRL - Omh

On its Enlightenment mode, it becomes a rolling repairing mech, with two additional pairs of arms, which is, if I may say, kind of cool.

The world could use more LEGO Overwatch heroes

A couple contributors here at The Brothers Brick couldn’t resist the trend of building Overwatch heroes started with D.Va, Tracer, and Zenyatta. First we have TBB’s own Simon Liu flexing his mecha building talents with the nature-loving death machine Bastion.

Bastion [Overwatch]

Click through to see more Overwatch builds by TBB contributors

UNSC Mantis proves that LEGO always does it better

While the Halo license for building bricks is, unfortunately, in the hands of Mega Bloks at the moment, that doesn’t mean that Halo and LEGO fans haven’t been building iconic creations from the series in the superior brand. Proving that point today is Velocites with the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Armor Defense System… or UNSC Mantis to save time. While it uses only official pieces (save for the bullet chain), this isn’t a purist build as the military olive colour here is done with paint.

UNSC Mantis (from "Halo 4")In the interest of comparison, here is the Mega Bloks Mantis. For a $33 set, we must admit that Mega Bloks actually did a good job, but this LEGO version blows it out of the water.

Do seraphim come from heaven or from space?

Space mechs are always a sight to behold. I mean, what is the purpose of legs in space? You know what their purpose is? To look cool—and the MA-01C Powered Seraphim I by Caleb proves it.

CSA - MA-01C-PD Seraphim I Particle Distribution Type

This build certainly catches your eye with its incredible silhouette and the bold use of orange as highlights for the armor. The spacemen backing it up just serve to show a proper scale, especially considering it fits a minifig inside. It also comes in a flight-ready version sans armor plating.

CSA - MA-01C Powered Seraphim I

Now it looks like it can cause some deep space damage.

One rustic mech

You know what we don’t have enough of? Jungle camo mechs. Fixing that problem today is Ryan with the ‘HOUND mkII”. Not only is this a great mech build, its also based on some quality artwork by StTheo


I’m getting a lot of Armored Cored vibes here, but it manages to strike out its own aesthetic. I really like the missile pods on the left shoulder and the chaff launchers around the torso—a technique I just might steal.

Gold, green and powered by steam

This elegant train, brought to us by Moko, is comprised of beautiful lines, delightful colors, and screams Steampunk. Or rather, given the refined nature of the train, perhaps it quietly states its Steampunk origins while giving a bit of side-eye out of a monocle. Either way, it’s gorgeous.

I particularly like the use of the One Ring to give nice color to the passenger car, between the windows, as well as on the engine. The gold, green, brown, and brass are a stunning color combination which make this train particularly eye catching.

Steampunk Train

I also invite you to read our original write-up of Moko’s matching Steampunk car and mech. It’s wonderful to finally have a family portrait!

Steampunk Train