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Steven Spielberg and George Lucas collaborated on a classic trilogy of Indiana Jones movies between 1981 and 1989, followed by a fourth movie in 2008. LEGO released sets based on all four movies in 2008 and 2009, and Traveller’s Tales produced two LEGO video games based on the franchise. Here on The Brothers Brick, you’ll find LEGO models inspired by the movies from long before and after the brief series of official sets.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Kings

Michał Kaźmierczak (migalart) recently posted a large-scale diorama that illustrates an original Indiana Jones adventure, complete with cliff-hanging, rope bridges, spiders, snakes, mummies, and buried treasure. The diorama may be about Indiana Jones, but the real star is Michał’s landscaping.


This photo of the builder with his model shows just how big his diorama is:


See more photos on Flickr, Brickshelf, and Michał’s blog.

Action at Hangar 51

Brian Williams delivers a stunning rendition of the warehouse scene from Indiana Jones. It took me a while to realize there were mirrors used to create the illusion of depth, for the actual diorama is much smaller. If you spend more time taking a closer look, you might find some good laughs in the crate labels.

Warehouse - Lights

Petra’s Al Khazneh in LEGO

One of my dearest memories of the summer in 1994 that I spent working on an archaeological dig in Jordan was a weekend trip to Petra. We arrived from Amman late in the evening, but several of my fellow archaeology students couldn’t wait until morning to see the amazing structures carved from the sandstone 2000 years ago, so we snuck across wadi after wadi, avoiding the main paths. Once past the guard posts, we walked through the narrow gorge known as al-Siq — pitch black at night — until the passage opened in front of us to reveal Al Kazhneh, lit only by starlight.

ArzLan built his LEGO version of the Treasury for the Hong Kong Animation Festival, and features Indiana Jones in his Last Crusade visit to this UNESCO Heritage site.

Al Khazneh

Defeat at Gaza from DareDevils of the Desert

There’s no better builder than Brian Williams (BMW_Indy) when it comes to recreating scenes from Indiana Jones with Lego. This vignette depicts the failed British assault on Gaza in 1917 from The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. The smoke effect is the best I’ve seen at this scale.

LEGO Young Indiana Jones diorama

Lego Indiana Jones Game Launch Bricks!

Many of you may remember when we posted the job opening at Traveller’s Tales, back in February of 2009. The results of that job search were discussed in our interview with Carl Greatrix.

However, another very cool result of that process was that TT Games recently sent us these two bricks as a “thank you” gift.

Lego Traveller's Tales Video Games Indiana Jones

They are very awesome. According to TT Games, these two launch bricks are the only ones in the public domain. You will also be happy to learn that the bricks came with one stipulation. They have to be given away. To honor their request, we will be donating them as prizes in some future event. It hasn’t been decided what or when that will be, but it will be something special, as these are incredibly unusual pieces.

Pancho Villa Raid by Brian Williams

For his latest LEGO Indiana Jones creation, Brian Williams looks for inspiration to The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles .

LEGO Indiana Jones Pancho Villa Raid

The five-foot-long diorama features dozens of awesome mini-scenes and techniques, including gunrunners, leaf springs on the locomotive, proper horseback riders’ legs, and lovely sand-green cacti. Check out the full photoset on Flickr.

Thanks for the tip, Austin!

RAILBRICKS Issue 6 now available for download [News]


Jeramy Spurgeon and the team have just released a double issue edition of RAILBRICKS magazine covering all things LEGO trains. It has in-depth articles on a few models we’ve featured here on TBB.

This 100 page issue was a long time coming, but features an interview with UK
builder Carl Greatrix, more Steam tips & Tricks, the Indiana Jones Circus
Train MOC by Brian Williams, Billund’s Miniland Trains, and much more!

Check out the website to download or read the magazine.

Indiana Jones from the perspective of Brick Adventures

Brian Williams brought an incredible Indiana Jones display to BrickWorld, which featured intricately lighted scenes in addition to the overall layout (even the banner is a LEGO mosaic). The display won the “World of Lights” award for its best use of lights at the convention, all 128 hand-wired LEDs to be exact.

If only I had a Grail Diary

I really need to keep better track of my imaginary adventures. I did have real adventures in Italy in March/April of this year, and kept a journal for the first time, which was well worth it. Because of that, this creation by Rod Gillies (2 Much Caffeine) of the “X marks the spot” scene from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” in the Venice library caught my attention. He’s been making a whole series of scenes from Indiana Jones movies using some parts from the newer official sets to portray other favorite scenes.

2MC Venice Library

There is a lot to like in this creation, but oddly enough my two favorite things are the stanchions at the left, and the use of the different dark gray tiles to create the X on the floor, especially cool that he made it at the appropriate angle. I really appreciate the variety of colors that show up now that I’m sorting my 25+ year accumulation of LEGO for the first time.

[Edited to fix some inaccuracies-Thanel]

Summer 2009 LEGO sets out now: Star Wars, Indy, Grand Carousel, etc. [News]

LEGO Space Police, Agents 2.0 and other third-quarter/summer 2009 LEGO sets have been out for a month or so, but the rest of the new sets are now available from the LEGO Shop online.

First up, 10196 Grand Carouselicon incorporates Power Functions and plays music. The set is also the first to feature tan beards.


New LEGO Star Wars sets feature vehicles from the Clone Wars, including 8037 Anakin’s Y-Wing Starfightericon and the Venatoricon playset.

iconicon iconicon

Other new LEGO Star Wars sets include:

The newest magnet sets make buying rare LEGO Star Wars minifigs affordable, including the LEGO® Star Wars™ 10th Anniversary Stormtrooper™ Magnet for $10. I call him “Chromy”.

The latest LEGO Indiana Jones sets take us back to the classic trilogy.

icon icon iconicon

iconicon iconicon

Finally, trolls and dwarves from the current LEGO Castle theme get their own Battle Packs.

iconicon iconicon

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